The fight back begins

It is less than a month before the General Election. Gordon Brown has had perhaps the worst couple of years of any Prime Minister. And yet, the Tories are only 4 point ahead in most polls. That suggests that people are still weary of them, which in turn suggests, the Tories aren’t as wondrous as their supporters seem to think. We simply don’t trust them.

Labour issued a new campaign video today. I think it’s utterly brilliant. In our constituency, the choice is Labour, Tory, Lib Dem, or BNP. And considering i’m not a Tory, nor a Nazi, the choice for me, If I were voting (which i’m not) would be between Labour and Lib Dem. Although, if the Greens were running, I would vote Green in an instant. I do not want to live in a Country run by Conservatives.

Here’s the new Labour campaign video.


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