Clegg day

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg came to my University this week. I took a few photos.

I got a bit excited.

These guys didn’t quite get the point.

Thankfully, this guy did get the point.

The campaign bus turned up.

And random local and national news.

Including ITV.

I don’t know if Clegg took them up on this offer.

Clegg answering questions. He pretty much won my vote when talking about hammering the rich tax avoiders. I’d assume he can say that, because the rich tax avoiders are not big contributors to the Lib Dem campaign, in the same way as Labour and the Tories. I agree with the Liberals on Trident, and I agree with them on Europe. I may have to vote Liberal Democrat. Despite the fact that they sing from the same hymn sheet as the Conservatives and Labour.


2 Responses to Clegg day

  1. Dawud says:

    they are the same as labour, except seem to be less corrupt as who would want to buy a lib-dem?

    dont be conned like the muppets in the US who thought obama would be different, people dont get to this sort of position without being a nasty piece of work.

    Do as the muslims do with modern democracy… sod the lot of them.

  2. I’m fully aware that they are all just businessmen.
    From a left wing point of view, none of them represent me.

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