The Labour Party

It is bemusing to me, that it has become popular to refer to the past 13 years under Labour, as a complete failure. Whilst I will not be voting Labour at this election, I still think we need to talk about all the good Labour have done as a counter weight to the constant barrage of abuse aimed at Gordon Brown. The past thirteen years have not been awful. They have not given us a “broken Britain“. They have definitely not been without fault, and at times they have acted to make me want to throw rocks at every member of the Labour Party, but they have had great moments that the Labour Party should be proud of. They have been a far better 13 years, than they would have been had the Tories won the 1997, 2001, and 2005 elections.
Here’s a list I compiled, of all the benefits brought to us by Labour.

  • Minimum wage.
  • EMA.
  • Devolution.
  • Winter fuel allowance
  • Northern Ireland Peace.
  • Paternity leave.
  • The ban on testing cosmetics on animals.
  • Civil Partnerships.
  • Free entry to museums.
  • Increased maternity leave.
  • Minimum holiday entitlement.
  • Greater London Assembly.
  • Gift Aid.
  • Sure Start.
  • Introduction of Child Tax Credit.
  • Free Eye tests for over 60s.
  • Free bus travel for over 65s.
  • The abolishment of Section 28.
  • Wider access (MUCH wider) to higher education.
  • Banning of hunting with dogs.
  • Disability Discrimination Act.

    Knowing that none of those achievements would have been possible under a Tory government, knowing that their eyes are twinkling at the prospect of cutting as much as possible from the public service, and knowing that their emphasis on helping a minority of rich people get richer (as long as they’re not gay), if I HAD to choose between Labour and the Conservative Party; Labour would win every time. Gordon Brown could be caught calling an old woman a bigot, and then killing her live on Sky News……… i’d still rather a Labour government, than a Conservative Government.

  • 3 Responses to The Labour Party

    1. toryaardvark says:

      You missed out bleeding the motorist dry, the most expensive fuel in Europe

      Green VED tax lie, described by Greenpeace as a Green tax too far

      The AGW lie of one world government and wealth redistibution, Obama and Rudd are no longer Climate Change believers, yet Brown and Miliband want to cripple our economy and fund third world dictators

      The loss of jobs at Corus Redcar that have gone to India under the AGW Carbon Trading scam Labour support

      Arresting oppostion politicians doing their job: Damian Green shadow immigration minister

      The lie about immigration and the use of the “racist” and now “bigot” words to surpress discussion

      Selling our Gold for nothing

      Underfunding the armed forces for 4 years

      Brown lying to the HoC, Chilcot and the country about defence spending

      Tony Blair starting an illegal war in Iraq

      The Labour Elite who are above the law Baroness Scotland, Lord Ahmed to name but two

      The expenses system run by Labour speaker Gorbals Mick now troughing happily in the Lords

      The Labour MP’s and their mortgage issues, Duck Houses are stupid, irritating and pathetic, Mortgage fraud is a serious criminal offence

      Labour MP’s who think they cannot be tried by Courts only the HoC, the arrogance is outstanding.

      How much more would lile?

    2. I was focusing on the good. Would you say everything I mentioned, were bad?
      I can EASILY find a list far larger than that of the problems caused by the last Tory government. I think it sums up that entire list, by saying “Thatcher”.

    3. jay says:

      Am I wrong or all these benefits have been obtained under Blair?

      Still, I would trade your Gordon Brown or David Cameron for our Stephen Harper on any given day. I’ll pay for the plane tickets.

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