Broken Britain

David Cameron is right.
Britain is broken.
We are becoming like the third World.
I know this, because I cannot afford a new DVDR player.
And my Canon 400D Digital Camera is at least two years out of date.
Ethiopians know how I must feel.
Do you know, I had to save for TWO WHOLE MONTHS to afford my plane ticket to Australia.
England = Sudan.
When I went to Tesco yesterday, I could only afford an orange juice. A salad. And a pizza.
When I was young, there were constant burglaries around my area.
Now, I haven’t heard of a single one in well over a year.
Do you know why that is?
It’s because there are CCTV cameras, and more police in this area.
1984 MUCH?
I once knew a woman who scrounged a few extra pounds of benefits, to help feed her kids.
The crazy thieving bitch.
If we stopped all of her kind from doing that, we’d have more money to give in tax relief to the mega wealthy.
And they’d then be able to afford a new yacht.
That’s how we fix Britain!!
Some people my age, can only afford one drunken night out at the weekend. Think about that for a second. Difficult to imagine, isn’t it?
How do these people cope, I hear you asking yourself.
Well, we struggle.
We need charity appeals for us in England.
AND….a couple of days ago, I saw a young man in a hoodied top….. get this……….. help an old lady off the bus.
The bastard.
It shocks me. It really does.
It shocks me just how much New Labour have DESTROYED this once great, all white, all crime free, England.
Back to the ’80s and ’90s!!
When a good old fashioned mass riot sorted out our issues!
What happened to rioting? I miss it.
And what’s all this about the EU?
We once ruled the World you know.
The EU should do what we tell them to do.
But they don’t.
Infact, some people think we should accept that we aren’t some masterful empire any more, and join the modern World.
They’re liars.
They hate England.
Do you know what’s worse? I’ve fallen for all the left wing bullshit. The politically correct liberal media has made me believe that this state of affairs isn’t all that bad.
It even convinced me that my muslim friends, are not terrorists intent on taking over England and implementing Sharia Law.
Or that the gays aren’t unnatural and hell bound.
I’m so easily manipulated.
The Liberals want to get rid of our Nukes.
Do they not realise that we have Muslimists and Gays to watch out for!!!
When I go to the cinema, or out shopping, or out for a meal, or to a sporting event, or to University.
I have to drive my dad’s car.
I can’t afford my own car.
Especially given that I have to pay for my New Years trip to Rome, Paris, and Florence.
Kenyans must hear about our plight.
And weep at our misfortune.
That is why David Cameron is right.
Vote Conservative today.


5 Responses to Broken Britain

  1. Jamie is that a sarcastic tone I hear flowting with this statement just ever so gently?
    I do worry that some readers actually get down to the last line and say: “Oh, this Jamie, he has opened my eyes. I can now see all these gay and muslim terrorists around me and how Europe is trying to destroy our dignity! I will vote the Tories.” Fail.

  2. If anyone takes that message from this blog Dina, I doubt they would have the intellectual capacity to find their way to a poll booth.

  3. Black Flag says:

    The common fallacy of modern democratic paradigm is the two party system.

    It does not exist except as a myth.

    Both parties believe government force is the best answer for human problems.

    The only difference is one party believes government force “is good for you” vs the other party where they believe government force is “good for them”.

    The end: more law, more legal theft, more police power, less freedom, less prosperity – a slow grinding down of society into barbarism.

    Britain is doomed – not because of one man or one party – but because of the roots of a system of Statism.

  4. Both parties also favour the very wealthy. They all come from the basis that human nature is fundamentally self interested, and so they promote and fund a system I find abhorrent. Government is just a clever word for big business.

    So, whilst I sit on the opposite side of the fence to you, when it comes to the significance of the worker, I agree, and I am not a fan of the State.

  5. Black Flag says:

    Government – as a tool – is legitimized violence.

    With it, you can beat your neighbors, your enemies, your friends and your family legally. If they resist, they are wrong no matter the reason you’ve decided to beat them.

    Inside such a system, men quickly understand that controlling the “beating stick” will prevent the “beating stick” being used on them. The added bonus, they get to use the “beating stick”!

    So it is a dual motivation – preventing yourself from being beaten and allowing you to beat others.

    With no surprise, there is a massive competition to seize the stick.

    Unlike competitions of physical prowess or mental brilliance – the competition for the beating stick favors those naturally disposed to evil and immoral behavior.

    That is, it favors men who believe they have a right to beat other people.

    Moral men do not believe violence is a good answer to problems.

    Moral men use reason and persuasion.

    Moral men invoke CIVILIZED behavior in the interaction with their fellow men. Civilized behavior abhors violence.

    Immoral men have no such constraints.
    They will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to achieve their aims. They do not need reason, they simply exist in the mind “because I say so, so it shall be, so help me God”.

    To them, innocent people are easy targets. They invoke BARBARIANISM. “Might is Right, and second place is a dead body”.

    Thus, in the struggle to use violence legally, evil men will use any and all means – from barbarianism to reason – to seize the beating stick.

    Moral men will not dive into such a cesspool of a fight because moral men do not need the beating stick because they have no desire to beat other people. Moral men are missing 1/2 of the motive – and thus, have 1/2 the will to control it.

    With no surprise, the beating stick becomes controlled by immoral men.

    Men with money, whether moral or immoral, see the beating stick as the primary tool against them to seize their wealth. For their survival, they need to fight for the beating stick – they have the most to lose if they do not control it.

    With little surprise, many find that the beating stick can be used to steal wealth from their enemies! It is a beating stick AND an enriching stick (by theft).

    Thus, it is no surprise to see the beating stick fall into hands of the violent, immoral, evil and mony’ed men.

    As long as the beating stick exist, this is the only outcome – no matter what system is applied in achieving the beating stick.

    Thus, the only solution is:
    Break the beating stick.

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