Lomography Film Roll: Four

It would seem that within the next couple of hours, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives will be going into coalition. Talks between the Liberals and Labour fell apart before they’d started. Gordon Brown looks set to resign tonight too.

So, with the news of a new Tory lead government, with a pathetic Liberal Democrat party that I will never vote for again, I thought I should post something a bit more cheery.

I got this roll of film developed today.


11 Responses to Lomography Film Roll: Four

  1. Peter Reynolds says:


    I believe that there is much that you should be optimistic about. This is a radical, new politics!

  2. Radical?
    Wheeling out Kenneth Clarke, and William Hague, whilst planning an implementation of Thatcherite spending cuts, is not radical. It’s the same bullshit individualism that they did last time.

  3. Peter Reynolds says:

    If it’s individualism then give me more, more, more! It’s inclusive, imaginative and ingenious as he’s used events to subvert the Tory old guard and create a whole new future.

  4. A whole new future?
    Old Tories – tax cuts, inheritance cuts, slyly ignore the top businessmen who owe a fortune in unpaid taxes, and spending cuts.
    New Tories – tax cuts, inheritance cuts, slyly ignore the top businessmen who owe a fortune in unpaid taxes, and spending cuts.


  5. Peter Reynolds says:

    New Tories really say – tax cuts,spending cuts, fairness, individual freedom, strong defence… Some of us are even more radical:


  6. “Fairness” is an interesting one.

    One of the people who Cameron loves to talk up, because he signed their anti-N.I rise letter, is the owner of Diageo PLC…….. who has a dedicated team working on tax avoidance. They owe over a billion in unpaid taxes.
    Cameron has no plans to make those bastards pay what they owe. Mainly because they’re rich, and have lovely big cars.
    But public spending will be slashed, and people at the bottom will suffer.
    Tory “fairness” is fine, if you can afford it.

  7. Peter Reynolds says:

    Yeah! Did you notice, Dave took my tip and used it in his Steps Of No 10 speech?

    Fairness is a modern thing – really! Even Gordon was beginning to understand its importance. Be serious, every government wants to collect its taxes. That’s only fair.

  8. Mr Reynolds, I wish I shared your optimism,. However, I’ve never wanted someone i disagree with to turn out to be right, quite so badly. That we are indeed on the verge of a bright new future.

    As a mummy who makes good use of the SureStart initiative with all its brilliant activities, I know that in my area funding is only guaranteed till next year, which means more job losses and no provisions for pre-schoolers. Taking from 3 year olds to look after rich bankers and big business? I’m all for fairness, but only time will tell if my definition of the word is the same as DCs.

  9. Lomostrips says:

    Welcome to Russia!

  10. Peter Reynolds says:


    These are the “broad, sunlit uplands”!

    Far be it from me to talk about sore losers, curmudgeons, sour grapes or such like. With goodwill towards each other we can raise our eyes together to the horizon with optimism and hope! (cue Land Of Hope And Glory)

  11. I love them! And you 🙂

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