The ban on cruelty

This is one of those subjects, that makes me angry, just talking about it. Even to write about it, angers me.

Spain’s most famous Matador, Julio Aparicio, was gored through the throat by a bull, during a bullfight a couple of days ago. And, I for one, really don’t care. I hope it hurt horrendously. I hope he is in severe pain. The bull was killed. And yet, the bull had no choice. It was flung into a ring, with an evil little shit, and several thousand deranged spectators, and was trying to escape being viciously stabbed to death. It had no choice. It makes me smile, when people I consider to be below scum, get gored so badly.

Similarly, when I hear of a fox hunter, thrown from his horse, I can’t help but think “good”. It is a despicable “tradition”. The ban is a step in the right direction for progressivism, and civilised society on the whole.
Those who take part in it, do it because they enjoy it. It’s a sport. They do it, because it makes them feel good. Part of a tradition. I cannot comprehend, and I’ve tried to make sense of it, how someone could happily watch a fox get chased to exhaustion and ripped to shreds. It is beyond my scope of what is decent and humane. For that reason, Fox hunters absolutely disgust me, they are a cancer of the fabric of a civilised 21st century society, they are the vermin, and I have no problem when they get seriously injured whilst hunting.

In 1999, a fox named by locals in Sussex “Copper” had been chased by a hunt, and bitten badly, but not killed. The vet treating Copper said that the bites were horrific but not life threatening. They found Copper screaming in pain, unable to move. The vet said he was in “severe shock” and could have died slowly and painfully without treatment. But given that fox hunters insist their bloodlust control of the fox population is not cruel, the vet is obviously lying. Copper must have LOVED it! I mean, who doesn’t just adore being chased by 50 underfed desperate raging blood hungry dogs?

The website had this to say:

“The ban on hunting with hounds has increased the suffering of foxes as more are shot and wounded, according to research published this month.”

How dare this putrid scab of a website attempt to seem like it gives a shit about the suffering of foxes? What this translates to, is simply “either let us hunt with dogs, and call it sport, or we’ll shoot the fuckers and leave them to suffer…. your choice”.

According to

“Another study based on questionnaires sent to 220 farmers and interviews with 13 Masters of packs of foxhounds in the county of Wiltshire (UK) found that hunting with hounds made an insignificant contribution (5%) to the total fox mortality.”

It went on to find that most of the “kills” are cubs. Cubs are killed, in order to train the dogs for hunting adult foxes. They are flushed out of their hiding spot, and ripped to pieces. My local MP, is a fox hunting. Therefore, he is utter scum. He seems to think it is not a cruel sport. It amazes me that people actually have the nerve to say that it is not cruel. We do not live in the 17th Century. You can no longer justify your blood lust by manipulating the discourse. Of course it’s cruel. I cannot imagine my local MP has ever said:
“Do you know how i’d like to die? Peacefully. By being chased to near exhaustion, trying to protect my children, and then ripped to pieces limb from limb, by a bunch of crazed dogs, whilst a toff on a horse blows a trumpet because he’s too much of a fucking coward to kill me himself. That’s how i’d like to go.”
Stop trying to convince me that your enjoyment at watching an animal breath its last breathe, is anything but cruel. The fox is not vermin. You are the vermin.

The Tories would like a free vote, to overturn the 2004 ban. This worries me. Not only does it prove just how regressive these Tories still are, how little they’ve changed, and how the nasty party, is still the nasty party, it also is a little bit undemocratic in itself. An Ipsos Mori poll of a nationally representative quota sample of 2,003 adults conducted in 2009, found that 75 per cent of people support the ban on fox hunting. That’s an overwhelming number. Not only that, but the suggestion that it’s just the evil townies who are against cruel sports, the Mori poll found that:

“In rural communities, seven in ten (72%) want to see fox hunting remain illegal, whilst 82% think deer hunting should continue to be banned, and 86% support the ban on hare hunting and coursing. ”

In 2004, pro-hunters were throwing their toys (which happened to be guns) out of the pram, by suggesting that the evil Townies were attacking Countryside tradition. As if “tradition” is a legitimate reason why an evidently cruel idea should remain. Slavery was a tradition. The Southern States of America believed that the Federal Government were trying to take away their right to own slaves. As if that’s a bad thing. It caused a civil war in America, and the right side won. In 2004, when it comes to another cruel “tradition” the right side won again. Tradition is not an argument.

Their next argument was that Fox Hunting was needed to keep numbers of foxes down. The problem with this argument was that, well, it was a lie. When people get desperate to defend something that is largely indefensable, and yet they feel that they cannot just say “Okay fine, we like to watch animals die”, they tend to try to suggest that they are doing us all a favour by killing the animals. This is one of those times. According to a joint report by the RSPCA and The Mammal Society, since the ban in 2004, fox numbers have been pretty stable. There has been no great explosion in fox numbers, anywhere in the Country.

The next excuse, was that Foxes will kill all livestock, and we’ll all die of hunger because the Foxes (inbetween raping your wife, and planting bombs) have eaten all the livestock, and the only way to stop that is to allow the toff heroes a chance to chase them and rip them to shreds.
The Countryside Alliance website, along with my local MP and all other pro-hunt websites seem to have decided not to report:
A report from Derbyshire, that a pack of 40 hounds on a hunt, ripped a family cat to shreds. Although, why would they mention it? It’s perfectly humane, to rip an animal to shreds.
Another report of an out of control bunch of crazed hounds, literally scaring another animal to death, this time in Devon.
A report that a pack of hounds ran around scaring local residents, which resulted in police calls, including from a family with a lady who suffers terrible heart conditions, trying to rescue their family pets.
A pack of hunting hounds entered a private garden in Somerset, and ripped a family cat to shreds.
A pet goat was torn to pieces by a hunt, in their own garden, after the hunters, with no regard for whose property it was, rushed onto their land illegally. The owners said:

“We went round as fast as we could and saw a huge pack of hounds chasing our goats. Most of our animals got away but Flopsy was so badly savaged she had to be put down. Her throat, neck and belly were torn and she lost a lot of blood.”

The owner clearly doesn’t realise that the goat would have loved it, because it’s perfectly “humane”.

It isn’t only family pets as well as foxes that suffer the cruelty of the hunt. The hounds don’t fare much better either. According to the Burn’s inquiry, and evidence given by the Countryside Alliance, over 3000 Hounds are shot to death each year, because they are either too old (too old, to a fox hunt, is 5 or 6, even though hounds live until they’re 14 at best), or too slow to keep up with the hunt. This means, that hounds are nothing more than a tool, that get thrown away without any thought whatsoever, the moment the hunter tires of them.
Anyone who wants to meet those involved with hunting … and see our lovely hounds will be most welcome.” J Sellers, the Cheshire Hunt Supporters Group in November 2004.
Below, is a photo of a Hound about to be shot, by the Cheshire Hunt.

Defend it now, you fucking scumbags.
A spokesman for a group of Hunt Saboteurs Association who work around England trying to save injured animals, and throw the hunt off a scent, said:

“Generally, if dogs are so injured that they can’t hunt, hunters choose to shoot them rather than have a vet rehabilitate them”

I have a nine month old Springer Spaniel. If anyone even dared to put a gun to his head, i’d kill them. So, it stands to reason that a hunt, that involves killing a dog, for no real reason, makes the hunter deserve nothing more than prison. And like I said, if the hunter is badly hurt during a hunt…. good…. I hope it hurts.

They then complained that loads of jobs would be at risk. As if that’s ever bothered them before. The Tories didn’t seem to care when Thatcher was closing down mines and making the majority of cities like Liverpool unemployed. In fact, they voted for her again and again, especially in my constituency, where they then voted for Major’s Conservatives, Hague’s Conservatives, and Howard’s Conservatives. All of a sudden, they began to care about jobs from those whose job it was, to be a cruel little shit. As it turns out, jobs weren’t affected as badly as the Tories claimed they would be.

The real reason for Fox Hunting, was told by Patrick Martin of Bicester Kennels, who’s led foxhunts for at least seven years:

“The wind in their hair. The thrill of the chase. The enjoyment of hearing the hounds. The freedom. And the countryside.”

Forget the shooting of horses, and hounds, and the ripping to shreds of foxes, and the deaths of family pets, and the destruction to local private property. A few toffs quite like having wind in their hair, and hearing the sound of a dog bark. It’s “tradition“.

RSPCA director of animal welfare promotion, John Rolls said:

“Five years on, various forms of drag and trail hunting have apparently flourished and dire predictions surrounding loss of jobs and explosions in fox populations have failed to materialise.”

He goes on to say:

To think that chasing and killing animals was considered a sport still disturbs me, and thanks to this Act, that cruel and pointless activity is now not only illegal, but recognised by a large majority of the public as unacceptable.

Damn right.
I have absolutely no respect for Fox hunters, or for bullfighters. They do not deserve my respect. They are below human. To keep them from multiplying and breaking the law even further, we should hunt them. Afterall, it’s perfectly “humane”.


9 Responses to The ban on cruelty

  1. Jon says:

    What’s your opinion on hunting with rifles? The vast majority of shots end in a quick and (relatively) painless death. Better than starving to death or being shredded by a bigger animal or similarly unjustifiable?

  2. Jon says:

    And as an addition to that, do your opinions extend to the hunting of “vermin” (corvid’s, pigeons, rabbits)?

  3. I cannot think of a reason why hunting itself, is justified, in any form.

  4. mhayworth says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said with one exception. To Jon’s point, I think there are cases where foxes can be a problem and I don’t disagree with shooting quickly and humanely (preferably by lamping). Having said that, if the hunts would stop breeding foxes by creating artificial earths all over the country, there might not be a need for any type of pest control.

    Pitting several hounds against one single fox, tearing it apart alive, digging it out with shovels and terriers biting at it, or using fox cubs as bait in training young hounds – are all forms of dog fighting in my opinion, no matter how you dress it up. The people who do it are appalling and don’t belong in a civilised society. I’m a Tory who (like many others) didn’t vote for Cameron over this issue. If he repeals this act, I’m sure the Tories will never win a majority again in this country. They need to think very carefully about this so-called (pre-paid) ‘free vote’ and what it says about them as a party.

    Campaign For Decency

  5. Auntykill says:

    This is a brilliant article and I agree with your every sentiment, why on earth do humans feel the need to control and kill everything? If this self elected government repeals the ban and allows the random and gratuitous killing of our wildlife by a sick minority who get off by killing animals in the most horrible ways then they deserve to rot in hell ever after, Cameron and his cronies because they obviously get so much pleasure from watching animals die in agony and Clegg and his cronies for not having the decency to stand up for what they professed to believe when they were trying to persuade us to elect them.

  6. Heidi says:

    This article defines the arrogance of the hunters brilliantly, they use pathetic lies to justify their personal exploits. They enjoy hunting, it is part of their way of life and they have been brought up to believe that they are justified and right in their treatment. They believe that they are above the law and continue to treat those living in villages like feudal overlords. Jon-you mentioned vermin. Firstly I would like to state that foxes are not and never have been classed as vermin. Secondly, here is my number one question-WHY WOULD YOU BE CRUEL? Why would you enjoy inflicting horrific pain on an animal who knows no better than to survive in the name of cleaning up the streets? If I were cynical I’d believe that half the time these hunting scumbags would love to be treating human beings that they also think below them in the same way, slightly like Hitler…

  7. JKendall says:

    A brilliant article I agree whole-heartedly!

    Hunting with hounds is nothing short of animal abuse and the sadistic humans who participate in it are not fit to walk the streets.

    The “justifications” given by hunters for indulging in their vile obsession have been proven many times to be a pack of lies. Luckily the majority of the country has realised this and are totally against the legalisation of blood sports.

    If the repeal of this law goes ahead it will be a disaster for our wildlife and our country.

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  9. protectionspecialties…

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