The madness of British Politics

David Cameron is Prime Minister.

He wishes to cut the number of MPs whilst increasing the number of Lords.
We now can’t get rid of the Government with a no confidence vote in the Commons, for the first time, well, ever.

George Osbourne keeps saying “We’re all in this together” whilst walking out of his mansion, toward his Rolls Royce.

David Laws apparently thinks he needed to spend £40,000 of taxpayers money to hide the fact that he’s gay (Firstly, why does he need to hide the fact that he’s gay? We’re not all regressive Tories. We don’t care that he’s gay. And secondly, how will not spending £40,000 of taxpayers money, reveal that you’re gay?), whilst at the same time telling us all rather hypocritically that we should all prepare for mad spending cuts and a decade of Tory and Tory-lite Lib Dem inflicted misery. It’s sad that it took a Telegraph revelation for Laws to say he “regretted it“. He didn’t regret, for eight entire years. He suddenly has an attack of conscience, on coincidentally, the day it becomes public. This is the “new politics“? It looks ominously like the old politics.

Paddy Ashdown practically gave Laws an on-air blowjob, telling Sky News how wonderful the little fraudulent Lib Dem actually is. Apparently the story of millionaire David Laws ripping off the taxpayer by claiming £950 a month for almost a decade, to pay for his accommodation, that he rented, off of his gay lover, whom apparently his not his gay lover, despite the fact that they have been…….. gay lovers, since 2001.

EDIT: David Laws has just resigned. It’s a sad day for people who are secretly gay and apparently have to spend £40,000 to gay lovers, for no apparent reason, to keep it a secret.

Vince Cable has lost all credibility by suddenly becoming a Tory on the issue of spending cuts (apparently he “changed his view” because the “situation changed” which roughly translates to “I sold my soul for a bit of power“).

Cable then signified his intention to sell the roads, because NM Rothschild, have described how wonderful it will be to privatise absolutely everything. Today the roads, tomorrow the air, and next week; you’ll have to pay to smile because McDonalds or Starbucks will own the rights to smiling.

The Tories refused to let a Minister go on Question Time because Labour had chosen Alastair Campbell, who is not elected, to go on. Which suggest the Tories think they have a right to dictate the rules of Question Time. The Murdoch backed Tories trying to undermine the BBC? I’m only surprised it’s taken this long.

And now John Prescott will be given a Peerage.

Oh, and Thatcher is STILL alive.

British Politics has officially gone mad.

3 Responses to The madness of British Politics

  1. Politics always has been mad – officially.
    Half the Parliament unelected.
    The rest elected by a system that favours the largest minority.
    A legislature that does not properly hold the executive to account – because the opposition is impotent and many of the government backbenchers hope to be part of the executive.
    Confusion over whether we elect a Parliament (true) or a Government (not so – despite our “presidential debates”).

    (Even with the 55% proposal, a no confidence vote (50%+1) will still throw out a government, but 55% is required to dissolve a parliament. A successful no confidence motion will throw out the government; those who throw it out then have to try and form an alternative. The relative inability of a government to cut and run and go to the country may make it behave with a slightly long term view. The Scottish parliament has a 66% dissolution rule – or 28 days of stalemate.)

  2. Come and live in Australia!!!

  3. sekanblogger says:

    Just be glad you don’t live in south carolina.
    They put the BIG in bigot.

    now an old poem

    A long lazy September look
    in the mirror
    say it’s true.

    I’m 31
    and my nose is growing

    It starts about 1/2
    an inch
    below the bridge
    and strolls geriatrically
    for another inch or so:

    Fortunately, the rest
    of the nose is comparatively

    I wonder if girls
    will want me with an
    old nose.

    I can hear them now
    the heartless bitches!

    “He’s cute
    but his nose
    is old.”

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