The Way of the idiot

The Way of the Master is a US Christian TV show, in which two curiously insane yet perfect representations of Christian America, presenters, attempt to tell people why belief in a God is logical, rather than a ludicrous puerile fantasy about a magical sky man and his immortal zombie son.

The show is so popular with easily manipulated people, that the viewers of the Christian Broadcasting Network have voted it the People’s Choice show of the year in 2004, 2005 and 2006. The presenters say that the large amount of viewers, and the awards bestowed upon the show are significant because:

In it, we teach Christians how to talk to the lost about the Savior, so the fact that viewers are responding to it so favorably is thrilling. We truly thank God for allowing us to make this program.

That’s right. Those of us that are ‘lost’ should thank the show for reminding us, just how excruciatingly dangerous these fundamentalists really are. Like every other Christian, they offer no evidence for their claim that I’m doomed unless I accept Jesus as my homoerotic secret boyfriend. saviour. They offer no historical evidence for what they believe in. And they spend a lot of time trying to prove Atheism is a logical failure, and that those of us who do not succumb to their bullshit are simply ‘lost’.

But it’s okay, because Atheists have God on their side. See, Atheism is a belief that a higher being doesn’t exist. Since God is all knowing, he doesn’t need belief. He knows. And since there is no higher being than God, it stand to reason that God cannot possibly believe in a higher being, and so God is Atheist. Not only that, but because God sees and knows everything, including the past, present and future, without any limits on his knowledge, he knows I am not going to believe in him, he knew it before I was born, and so I cannot possibly be punished for something I had no control over. So, I can now enjoy my life without feeling guilty that a bearded sky man and his 2000 year old son are watching over me with disapproval. See how logic is easily manipulated? No? Okay, maybe you need further evidence of bad logic. Here is a clip from The Way of the Master in which the presenters attempt to prove the existence of a God, using a banana.

So, God made a Banana perfect for humanity, yet he put George Bush in the White House. This magic sky man has his priorities mixed up.

Curiously, a Banana is also a great sex toy for homosexuals. And from the way it fits in that guys hand and the smile on the other guys face; they know it.

Far be it from me to suggest that these guys don’t have the first clue about what it is they’re trying to prove, but I’d have to question the motives of a God who can make a piece of fruit perfect for humans, yet still insists on giving children to abusive parents. Seems a little unbalanced. The Banana itself is of course, not created by God for the purpose of being perfect for human consumption. If he did, i’d like to know why he fucked up so badly with the Pineapple. Biologist Robert Alison, a man who isn’t mad, and knows exactly what he’s talking about, because he has pesky evidence and years of study to back it up, says:

When humankind first encountered this fruit thousands of years ago we were probably not impressed by the almost inedible giant wild bananas. Historic mutations, rare and accidental, produced seedless bananas through chromosome triplication. Ancient humans focused on these seedless, pollen-less mutants to generate progressively more edible crops. Eventually, edible banana flesh retained only a few vague traces of the viable seeds once carried in the ancestral wild stock.

Ancient plant breeders grew edible bananas by grafting sterile mutants onto wild stems. This process was repeated for thousands of years to produce the emasculated, sterile — and defenceless — plantation banana that currently feeds millions of people globally.

In the tropics, you can still find other, less desirable banana varieties, mainly grown as a starchy food staple rather than a sweet treat. But these tropical bananas aren’t much like their commercial cousins in North American supermarkets. They taste bland. Their texture is often fibrous and mealy. North American consumers would probably find them quite unpalatable compared to the Cavendish, which is sweeter and smoother-textured.

I think I will choose believe the biologist on this one.
The Way of the fucking mental Masters’ website claims that:

150,000 people die every day…. most without the Saviour

Grotesque piece of manipulation there, but nevertheless the suggestion here is that most people will go to Hell, because they haven’t converted to this particular cult, out of the thousands of available cults in time to be saved from eternal flames. Which suggests to me, that Hell is the place where all the cool, friendly, logical and rational people are currently dwelling. If Heaven is full of the viewers who voted The Way of the Master as TV show of the year three years running, i’m quite happy to bypass Heaven entirely.

The worrying thing is, America is run by Christian maniacs who aren’t too keen on logic, reason, and any form of intelligent thought. What a unnerving place the World is.

9 Responses to The Way of the idiot

  1. Black Flag says:


    It all depends on your definition of God.

    By Godel’s Theory of Incompleteness, if you accept Cosmological argument (First Cause) as a definition of God, makes irrefutable proof of it.

    Of course, that is all one can say – that is, one cannot say God is a strange thing who’s finger changes the fate of men.

    Further, God “perfect knowledge” does not equal precognition. For example, as a Poker Player, I may know what your hand may be, and that my hand holds a odds advantage to winning. All of this is knowledge. But it does not mean I will win. Probability DOES NOT equal outcome. It must be played out and the probabilities must resolve to create an outcome.

    Winning 2 out 3 times means I lose 1 out 3 times too.

    The “God” does not “know” what will happen even a second into the future – “it” is waiting around in breathless anticipation for it to happen, too – just like you.

  2. Black Flag says:

    Religion is merely a man’s attempt to encapsulate the incomprehensible scope of the Universe into terms he can understand.

    As you poignantly said, God is an atheist and needs no religion, but men seem to.

    All of that is well and fine, if it does not institutionalize, that is, religion as a minor attempt to come to terms with the universe remains a tool and does not warp into becoming a reason on itself.

    Most human religions, unfortunately, have done just that – institutionalize themselves, and replaced honest inquiry with rote ceremony, repetition of mumbled words, and a means to justify evil human action.

  3. tadwyoming©2010 says:

    Friend, you need to first make sure you are analyzing the correct object of thought. Faith in God is not about confirming His existence or work in people in the manner in which you say.

    I would agree that many Christians are throwing out the kitchen sink as reasons to believe in Jesus Christ, in hopes of dislodging someone’s rational objections, that they might hear what faith is about. But I was alive while Carl Sagan sold billions and billions and billions to us, over and over and over. That guy was a character. But that does not mean all scientists are loons, or that the objects of their thought are all nonsense.

    No person needs you to believe, and God does not need you to believe. But God calls you to Himself, offering you hope.

    You are deceived to believe, as you do, you have no need of reconciliation to your creator, and a life in Him, now and forever. It’s between you and He.

    One day you will know the truth, hopefully during this lifetime. But you won’t find it reasoning and scientizing. You can only find it by letting Him speak to you through His Word and letting His Spirit bring conviction to your heart, of sin, righteousness and the judgment to come. For you are conscious of His law and your violation of it, though you seek to suppress the truth and harden your heart against it.

    Just know that spiritual truth is spritually discerned, and the natural man cannot understand it. As you confess, it is foolishness to you. It takes divine revelation to come to a knowledge of the truth and be set free$. Though we haven’t got it in our natural selves to make sense of God, yet, if you seek Him, you will receive His revelation.

    Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

    On your side, and praying for you. tw

  4. Black Flag says:

    but you won’t find it reasoning and scientizing.

    “God” made the entire Universe upon immutable Laws of Nature – that even “He” must obey.

    Yet, you believe we cannot know this Universe by reason or by science – the very precise means and framework by which this Universe operates.


  5. tadwyoming©2010 says:

    Mr. Flag, why do you begin your argument, which is roughly structured as a reductio ad aburdum, by presupposing a priori your conclusion, in circular fashion. That’s a logical fallacy that reduces your own argument to absurdity.

    Moreover, such presuppositions are appropriate to naturalism and scientism when directed at most forms of scientific inquiry. But when the object of inquiry is postulated to exist outside of the so-called laws of nature He created, you can’t disprove the postulate merely by an appeal to the failure of your own inductive inquiry within those laws of nature to discover Him. Indeed, so far, your deductive reasoning hasn’t touched Him, either.

    Your stomping arrogance, if justified, needs to be based on something a lot smarter than your last point if you hope to make anyone feel less than you.


  6. Black Flag says:


    You make the common mistake, as many people do, of confusing “argument from principle” to be an example of “circular argument”.

    I would assume you also believe such things as Geometry to be an example of circular argument because it is based on the premise of a “point”.

    You further argue an absurdity – that because it cannot be proven must mean it must be true.

    You compound your errors by essentially arguing – an act of reason – that irrational existence (ie: “outside of natural law”) must exist. If there is one thing “God” is, and that is absolute consistency. God NEVER exists in contradictions.

    I do not apologize for arrogance in reason. Irrational beliefs are not the shores for exploration by rational men.

  7. Black Flag, I agree with your sentiments.
    I have blogged a few times, on what I’d perceive to be God; a prime mover, an energy, the first moment. A creator.
    I simply refute the idea that one can jump from the idea of a creator, to something that is outside of time, and answers prayer, gives a shit about my sex life, and is able to offer guidance personally. A God of Organised Religion, is what the guys in this video are talking about, that without believing in their God, I am ‘lost’. I find that understanding of a God a little bit unnerving, especially coming from a supposed race of rational beings.

  8. ‘But when the object of inquiry is postulated to exist outside of the so-called laws of nature He created, you can’t disprove the postulate merely by an appeal to the failure of your own inductive inquiry within those laws of nature to discover Him.’

    An articulate way of saying ‘just because you can’t see him, doesn’t mean he isn’t there’. It also doesn’t mean he is there, or that any of his followers understand him. You have no extra gift that I do not have, and so we’re both ignorant. You do not ‘know’ any more than I do. Your argument is based on belief, which in itself is not based on logic or reason. You cannot see the invisible pink unicorn. It has great power because it is both invisible and pink at the same time. I can say that I believe it is invisible, because I can’t see it. And the pink invisible unicorn tells me that all those who believe in a Christian God, are doomed to hell. If you don’t believe me, you are ‘lost’ and do not know the truth. Only through faith in the pink invisible unicorn, will you be saved. I will pray for you x

  9. Black Flag says:


    As a historian, I am sure you are at least trivially aware of the roots of many ancient religions.

    They all speak of (using the Egyptian example) of RA – the creator of all things, including the rest of the “Gods”.

    RA does not bother with the details of other God’s existences nor of us puny humans – after creation “he” leaves the “game field” never to dabble again.

    This is the recurring start-theme of nearly every root religion on Earth.

    Your sentiment merely aligns with the ancients – and that is a very good thing!

    PS: Seeing Ash’s post today – you wore the poor girl out! 🙂

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