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Demo 2010 – Fund Our FutureI will hopefully be attending the Student march on London on November 10th, as a reaction the the news that the Coalition intends to increase tuition fees from a cap of £3,290, to £7,000. The Liberal Democrats, and Nick Clegg and Vince Cable specifically pledged to never support a tuition fee rise, and in fact wanted tuition fees scrapped entirely. They secured a mass of Student votes because of this one policy. Last week, both went back on that promise and decided to support the raising of tuition fees to a cap of £7,000 a year, whilst some courses could cost £12,000 a year.

Obviously, the Lib Dems pathetic excuse for absolutely pissing all over their votes, is that the situation left by Labour is worse than previously though. Except it isn’t. They had the same information back in May as they do now. In fact, the economy has improved over those past few months.

If tuition fees were as high as £7,000 when I started university last year, I would not have gone. I would have gotten a job I disliked, had a mediocre eduction, and whilst it would please Tories because employment numbers suit their cause, it actually would do absolutely nothing for me and my aspirations. But a few rich people would be fine with the cost rise, so it’s okay.

What strikes me as ridiculous, is that we have just come out of an horrendous economic crises, based entirely on debt. Wages of workers across the board have stagnated for years, whilst wages in the boardroom have increased beyond recognition. Which in turn, meant that ordinary workers were struggling, and were very insecure. So an easy credit market shot into life, offering the chance to borrow huge amounts quickly and easily. We soon racked up debts, the housing market collapsed, and banks suddenly struggled to pull back the huge amounts they’d wrecklessly loaned out. Debt caused it. Now, to get out of the problems, the Coalition is suggesting we get ourselves; the next generation – into a huge amount of debt if we want a half decent chance at life. The very same politicians, who went to university, when it was entirely free. How ironic.

Do know what is more annoying than the quite obvious elite-ism that runs through the veins of Tories and now Lib Dems? The fact that the man they have put in charge of finding instances of what a man worth £4bn and has never had to worry about struggling to pay for food, thinks is ‘wasteful spending’, actually owes billions in elaborate tax avoidance schemes whilst he himself told his employees they’d have to work longer if they want a decent pension pay off, than first thought. Oh and he’s often been criticised for using sweatshops abroad, in which workers are paid less than £4 a day, to work up to 22 hours six days a week, whilst he lazes his life on a beach in Monaco. What a lovely man. So students have to get ourselves into greater debt, because people like Sir Philip Green (Sir? Really?) need to save some money for a new yacht.

So I will be going on the march, not just in protest of the planned Student Tuition fee rise and the obvious lack of balls the Lib Dems have; but also because the appointment of Philip Green and the love affair with businessmen who actively tax avoid is one of the main issues I see in the UK at the moment. Plus, political cynicism and apathy is far too wide spread. I don’t want my entire life controlled by business, and its bitches in Westminster. It isn’t the height of human freedom. It is the opposite. That is why I will be marching.

I hope to see as many students there as possible.

7 Responses to Student protest

  1. Black Flag says:

    Because the Universities and the Students are insulated from market forces, the costs for such education will continue to rise.

    Students have access to artificially cheap loans. Thus, have the ability to pay.

    Universities have little incentive to maintain low costs, since no matter the price, the students can get loans to pay for it.

    The answer: eliminate the student loans and eliminate subsidies to Universities.

    Without students, Universities go bankrupt. They will quickly correct their pricing.

    Your answers will only make your situation worse.

  2. Market forces, can fuck off.


  3. Black Flag says:


    Thus, you will suffer.

  4. Surely your ideal would only work, if there was some sort of Libertarian revolution across every sector, and government became pretty much extinct, and all kind of safety net for anyone was cancelled, including the NHS and every other institution the majority of us consider to be a good thing? That isn’t going to happen. So, within the context of the system we live, I will protest, I will not support a rise in tuition fees. It will just lead to elitism. It did prior to the late 90s.

  5. Black Flag says:


    My “ideal” does not create the necessity of it across all sectors, let alone all at once.

    Your problem is specific – cheap loans and no market force on University. The correction: stop the loans and apply market forces on the Universities can be done now and immediately, independent of any other perversion in other market segments.

    Your protest -if successful (which it will not be) – would guarantee your enslavement to debt.

    You will become a University educated, impoverished, person.

  6. If we’re talking reforming university funding, I’ve got a better idea – let’s make the loan rises unnecessary and get rid of their need all together. This can be done by not cutting the universities’ budgets and actually investing more money in them and today’s students, who will be the workers of the future. Stopping tax dodgers like Green (can’t bring myself to call him Sir) from living in this country or using their various schemes to deprive this country and government of a huge amount of funding. If this is too much for the Tories, then scrap Trident, allowing money to be invested in education (good for Lib Dems) and in equipment for front-line troops (good for Tories).

  7. Black Flag says:


    Your plan will only make things worse.

    You do nothing to control the costs of the University – indeed, you offer them even greater access to “free” money and as such, their demands of that money will always increase without any brakes.

    Further, by removing financial costs off the students, they have no motivation to demand a cost-effective education – they do not pay, therefore they -too- will demand an ever-increasing access to “free” money.

    Where is this “free” money coming from?

    It comes out of the pockets of the productive people of the nation – and your plan guarantees to impoverish them.

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