Tattoo day

Today Ash bought my birthday present. A tattoo.
It is in remembrance of the two weeks in which my grandparents died and my mum left. A couple of weeks that changed a lot of things. It is also in respect to how I view the working world. An silly absurd game full of players with this odd sense of “being professional”. It is entirely absurd. And so, my new tattoo is an Albert Camus quote, the King of Absurdism:
At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face“.

It wasn’t as painful as people were making out. I had read on an internet site that a tattoo that is half on my ribs and half on my stomach would be “excruciatingly painful”. After annoying me greatly at the absurd sentence itself (excruciatingly means extremely painful, so the sentence “excruciatingly painful” actually means extremely painful painful…… i’m 25 in nine days, I now get annoyed at poor sentence structure), I started to feel a tad bit nervous, which slowly turned into intense nervousness. That nervousness soon resided after the tattooist (Opulent Ink in Wolverhampton) started. Listening to more than twenty seconds of a Muse song is more painful than getting a tattoo. Although the part over my bottom rib, was masterfully painful. But I manned up! And now I have a lovely new tattoo…..

4 Responses to Tattoo day

  1. diarygirl13 says:

    Its lovely 🙂 I am sorry to hear about the death about your grandparents and your mum leaving 😦

  2. RS says:

    I am not sure that is what striking you in the face. It might be a protesting goat.

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