Racism in America: Today

When the United States was beginning to form, there was a hierarchy of oppression that kept everyone subservient to someone above them. The King of England demanded goods from the Jamestown white elite who exploited and controlled the white frontiersman who, in order to appease the elite with money and land, slaughtered Indigenous people and brutalized African slaves. Many whites joined Indigenous and African rebellions. The white elite worked to stop this because they knew such an alliance would become too powerful and would succeed at overthrowing the control that the elite and the King had. So in order to separate the whites from everyone else, they started giving more privileges (land and better treatment) to the white servants. This worked. The working class whites effectively abandoned the movements for change and to this day these groups have problems working together.
– Howard Zinn, 1980.

46% of American Republicans in the State of Mississippi believe that interracial marriage should be illegal. I will elaborate on and explain this later.

After my blog on the racism of Abraham Lincoln, I wondered whether race is still a divisive issue today as it has always been, in America. In the UK, race is still an issue, though it is far more subtle and much less noticeable, but it exists nonetheless. There isn’t this notion of white supremacy, nor do we have the history of the “founders” being slave owners or massive racial segregation up until very recently. We don’t have a KKK equivalent and we didn’t fight a civil war to protect the rights of States to own slaves. Race is certainly a problem in the UK though. We tend to become far more Nationalist during times of economic hardship and the need to blame immigrants or anyone who doesn’t happen to fit the narrow band of what it means to be “British” becomes an almost accepted narrative. Political parties push immigration reform to the top of their agendas, giving credit to such racial tension. Race is used as a divisive mechanism to subvert attention away from a failing class system.

Here in the UK, with talk of economic austerity, it was only a matter of time before the issue of race was introduced into the equation. We know that poorer areas like inner city Liverpool, Manchester, and Hackney are going to face the toughest council cuts. Low socio-economic areas are predominantly mixed race or black and Asian. So it was only a matter of time before David Cameron would bring race into the mix. He then suddenly made a speech against multiculturalism, in which he mentions the words “islam” and “muslim” 36 times, and “Christianity” once. Race is yet again being used as a divisive wedge.

Back to the USA, and the 19th Century, before the Civil War. It has long been argued by the rather hermetic Southern America that the Civil war was a war between the States (the South) and the big bad Federal Government (the North). Yes. The States rights to own and perpetuate slavery. The charge against a big bad Federal Government invading the lives of its citizens does not hold up when you look at the evidence, and is actually rather rudimentary.

The American lawyer and journalist William Walker, in 1854, after a failed attempt to set up a Republic of Sonora in Mexico, with the intention of it becoming a State of the Union; invaded Nicaragua for control of a vital trade route between New York and San Francisco. He succeeded in his efforts, and took control of Nicaragua, renaming it “Walkeragua” (seriously, i’m not making this up). In 1856, President Franklin Pierce, officially recognised Walker’s regime in Walkeragua as legitimate. His regime began to Americanise Walkeragua, by instating slavery, using American currency, and making English the official language. He advertised his new Country to American Southern businessmen by advertising the fact that his new quasi-State was pro-slavery and would remain so. By the time Walker revoked Nicaragua’s 1824 Emancipation Act, the rest of Latin America took note, and invaded. He fled and was bought back to the U.S where he was welcomed as a hero of the South. As “States rights” go, invading another sovereign nation and revoking its anti-slavery laws, is about as big and as bad as a Federal Government can get. He died before the Civil War kicked off, but the South referred to him throughout the Civil War as “General Walker“. The South did not just fight to preserve the institution of slavery, they wanted to expand it, on a grand scale, to the point where Senator John Crittenden of Kentucky proposed that the 36°30′ parallel north be a line that separates the northern free states, and the southern slave states, all the way down to the tip of South America. American racism has always been rife.

In 2011, membership of white supremacist organisations has increased tremendously. According the the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks white supremacist organisations in the US, the number of members is up by 48% since 2000. Jeff Schoep, head of the National Socialist Movement (the Nazi Movement) in America, who the FBI classify as terrorists, said:

“The immigration issue is the biggest problem we’re facing because it’s changing the face of our country. We see stuff in England and Spain like this. … They are turning those countries into a Third World ghetto.”

Well, I live in England, and he’s right!!! Here is the River Thames in Central London a few years back:

Here is the River Thames in Central London today:

Sad times.

The largest white supremacist group in America; Stormfront have a website with a forum, which includes systematic attacks on white jewish people. They appear to use “Jew” as a term of race. White, black, Jew. On a discussion about the economic crises, a member called “Crowstorm” whose nationality he has set as “Jewnited States of America” says this:

The problem is, Jews look White so when people see a Jew do evil, they don’t say “look at the evil Jew”… no, they say “look at that evil White man.

– It is an odd statement to make for a variety of reasons. First, a Jewish person is not the colour “Jewish“. It isn’t white, black, jew. If he’s a white man and Jewish, then he’s a white Jew. Jewish is not a race. But not just that, but race itself is not biological. It doesn’t exist. It is a fantasy. An abstraction. Like Nationality and Religion. All man made abstractions, meaningless nothingness used to create tension between low socio-economic groups to ensure disunity. If poor white people are blaming poor black people for all the trouble in New Orleans after Katrina hit, then their attention is on each other, and not on the very rich folk in Washington (both white and black) who washed their hands of the plight of anyone who isn’t a very wealthy lobbyist decades ago. And lastly, no one says “look at the evil white man”, because for the vast majority of people, race isn’t an issue; if you’re evil, I don’t care what colour you are.

Another quite extraordinary post on Stormfront was from a school teacher who taught apparently in black schools. Here are some of the quotes from it:

I was away about two minutes but when I got back, the black girls had lined up at the front of the classroom and were convulsing to the delight of the boys.

Many black people, especially women, are enormously fat.

Blacks, on average, are the most directly critical people I have ever met: “Dat shirt stupid. Yo’ kid a bastard. Yo’ lips big.” Unlike whites, who tread gingerly around the subject of race, they can be brutally to the point.

When a black wants to ask, “Where is the bathroom?” he may actually say “Whar da badroom be?”

Many black girls are perfectly happy to be welfare queens.

There is something else that is striking about blacks. They seem to have no sense of romance, of falling in love.

Pregnancy was common among the blacks, though many black girls were so fat I could not tell the difference.

My white students came back with generally “conservative” ideas. “We need to cut off people who don’t work,” was the most common suggestion. Nearly every black gave a variation on the theme of “We need more government services.” One black girl was exhorting the class on the need for more social services and I kept trying to explain that people, real live people, are taxed for the money to pay for those services. “Yeah, it come from whites,” she finally said. “They stingy anyway.”

It is impossible to get them to care about such abstractions as property rights or democratic citizenship.

– The “teacher” goes on to say he doesn’t understand why his black students think he his a racist. Surely it isn’t racist to think that black students are inherently lazy, fat, illiterate, racist, anti-democratic, communist sluts who just don’t understand why being indoctrinated in Conservative ideology is a wonderful learning experience and are incapable of love?

The days of burning crosses and wearing silly costumes are over. White supremacists tend now to fight their cause with mainstream language like “We just want to protect our children and live in a safe environment“, the language is manipulative because they are simply masking the fact that they blame anyone with slightly darken skin for why their neighborhood isn’t safe.

A study by the American economic review between July 2001 and May 2002 entitled “Are Emily and Greg More Employable Than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination.” , found that job applicants with a white sounding name are 50% more likely to be asked back than an applicant with a white sounding name. The researches sent out 5000 applications in sales, marketing, clerical and customer service positions. The names they used were a mix of white sounding names, and black sounding names. The report showed that white applicants with stronger resumes than other white applicants received 30% more callbacks, whereas black applicants with stronger resumes than other black applicants received just 9% more callbacks. It proved that regardless of credentials, black applicants were 50% less likely to get a callback than a white applicant.

Institutional racism is particularly subtle, and so less noticeable. If you are black, you are three times more likely to be pulled over in your car and searched for drugs than if you’re white, despite the fact that if you’re white, on the few occasions when you are pulled over you are four times more likely to have drugs on you. If you are white and you drive past the police without them pulling you over, you are experiencing the privilege of being white. The war on drugs then, is not a war on drugs, if it were, those statistics would be a hell of a lot different. The war on drugs would go where the drugs actually are, not where the people with dark skin are. It is a racist institution.

Christopher Columbus is hailed as the founder of America. He has a day named after him. It is not taught in any history class at American schools the true horror that started the day that Columbus found an island in the Lucayan Archipelago in the Bahamas that he named San Salvador, though it was actually already named, by the population who lived there, as Guanahani. Within years, Spanish adventurers had captured thousands of the native Taino population, enslaved them, and took their women captive as wives/sex slaves. The Spanish had utterly devastated the Taino population by the turn of the 16th Century. Epidemic disease brought by the Europeans was bad enough, but the Spanish settlers placed too much strain on local crop farmers, and the survival of the Spanish was considered more important than the survival of the Taino’s and so the food naturally ended up in the hands of the Spanish. Columbus when he landed, wrote of the natives:

“We can send from here, in the name of the Holy Trinity, all the slaves and Brazil wood which could be sold.”

– We know what he had planned. Nicolas Ovando, the governor of the Indies from 1501 to 1509, decided he needed to ensure the Taino’s knew their place once and for all. He did this by inviting the much loved Taino queen Anacoana and local tribal chiefs to a dinner to celebrate his governorship. When they were all in the room, the Spaniards set it on fire, killing most of those inside. The ones who got out, were tortured for days on end and then killed. Queen Anacoana was tortured and hung. By 1510, the Taino’s were virtually extinct.

To be honest, there really isn’t much you can celebrate about Columbus. Apart from bringing with him the biggest genocide in history, he was a rather simple man. He believed Cuba was in Asia, that he hadn’t discovered a new land, that the entire continent of South America was an Island, and to pay his debt to the Spanish crown he raped his way across Central America taking as many as 1200 women and children slaves for Europe; children who had, without a second thought, been stripped away from their families. But don’t take my word for, take it from the man himself:

“We shall take you and your wives, and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can, and we protest that the deaths and losses which shall accrue from this are your fault .”

I cannot think of a worse man to idolise.

Back to the present day, as if Stormfront and institutional racism and selective history aren’t enough to convince a person that racism is deeply ingrained in the American psyche, certain lovely little advertisements have deep racist connotations, still.

Aunt Jemima, a trademark for breakfast food owned by Quaker Oats is still going today. Aunt Jemima represents the notion of a good little black ex-slave girl who just loves her servile role as servant to a white middle class consumer.

Equally as subtle, is Uncle Ben’s rice. It would be ridiculous for a company now, to have as its fictional spokesperson, a black man using the name “Uncle” which was a term used by the children of white slave owners to refer to their slaves. If a newly formed rice company were to say “Well, you know that we white people used to ship Africans in to farm our rice fields, as slaves? Well why don’t we make our spokesmen black?” they would be lambasted as a hugely racist company. But Uncle Ben is a tradition, and so it appears acceptable, though the stereotype behind it perpetuates the racist sentiments it subtly encourages. This kind of subtle cultural racism has not gone unnoticed. In an episode of the Sopranos (the greatest show on TV) Tony warns a black guy away from his daughter. Tony then has an anxiety attack when he sees a packet of Uncle Ben’s.

Public Policy Polling of Raleigh North Carolina, found that 46% of Republican voters in Mississippi think interracial marriage should be illegal. 14% said they weren’t sure. I cannot comprehend that number. It does indeed show that race is an issue, and especially with Republican voters. There is still the essence that the white race is superior and should be protected. This sentiment has found its outlet with the Tea Party movement of recent months. Whilst Glenn Beck spews his bullshit, insisting on top rated “news” channel that Obama has a deep seated hatred for the white race, his equally as vacant and mind numbingly moronic viewers stalk the streets with signs like this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

Now I wouldn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that the Tea Party is an inherently racist organisation, it is mainly a vehicle to promote the incoherent ramblings of an uneducated economically far right puritanical Republican group wholly run by Corporate America to advance its interest at the behest of even the idiots who indirectly fight for the rights of Corporate America, now slowly morphed to include racism as part of their base.

It is sad to see notion of race being such an issue in 21st Century America. One would have hoped that the social wedge of racism, placed to draw attention away from class and a deeply unequal wealth system would have crumbled away, or intellectually and politically dismembered for the disease that it is. Race is not real. Class is.

60 Responses to Racism in America: Today

  1. janice says:

    The United States is very racist. There has always been an activist core against this (the Abolition Movement started in the 1700s and went on tirelessly until the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s, etc.)but in general the idea of “America” (Amerika)as a white nation of descendants of Anglo-Saxon or mildly Celtic forebears has persisted to this moment.

    The Right in the U.S. would revile anyone not totally in their camp (Obama is scarcely liberal,but he’s not a totally corporatist goon), but they love to rile up the ignorant masses with racist tropes like the Kenya thing. Oh well, after 8 years of Bush, can my country look any worse? Okay, probably.

    If Africa could somehow rise from its wretched colonial past and become a powerful, united economic tiger, that would perhaps put paid to a lot of the racism, as it has with anti-Asian sentiment. Who can call wogs those who have made their nations so wealthy and powerful on the world stage? But corporations can still benefit from racism to steal everything they can from black and brown peoples, so they will perpetuate it enthusiastically.

  2. Every country deals with race differently. The two biggest mistakes in American history once one gets beyond slavery: (1) forced integration by court rulings – you can’t force people to want to associate with, get along with, or respect you; and (2) affirmative action – no matter how one looks at it, it smacks of unfairness and does not make people respect you.

    What we have today are simply the long-term ramifications of bad racial policies. What is perhaps more fascinating is that many think that 50 years of legal integration has somehow negated or counterbalanced the treatment afforded blacks prior thereto.

    The reason that society is incapable of addressing the racial issue is because we view it from a perspective which is not conducive to real analysis. We talk all around the fundamental, underlying reasons for racism, and make it an emotional issue. How does one expect to cure the cancer without focusing on the cancerous cells and the biological reasons for cancer? Focusing on the symptoms is an ineffective mechanism to employ. Racism serves a far more complex and pragmatic function than we are generally willing to acknowledge.

  3. What to think of people who need division between human to feel some sort of pride and safety?

    Are they willing to limit resource speculation to their own country?

  4. janice says:

    Integration and affirmative action changed everything for the better, and I know because I was a student and teacher in American schools for 50 years.

    Yes, you CAN force people to do the decent thing–i.e. unions forced management to stop grinding the worker, the ACLU forced society to stop scapegoating minorities, and the Civil Rights Act forced racists to stop oppressing and murdering racial minorities.

    I’m all for forced humanism if people can’t realize that it makes a better society for everyone and act humanistically of their own accord.

  5. Forced humanism…what a therm!

    It took you 50 years of education to formulate that kind of concept?

  6. Chuck Ball says:

    Check out “A White Man’s Journey” @amazon.com which is my essay that discusses my struggle to understand my privilege as a white man in America.

  7. I have no struggle to understand the privileges some expect to obtain by associating themselves to clichés.

  8. Otter says:

    Blacks and Whites do not live well together. It is proven time and again in cities across the country. We are differnt from each other. And for the record jews call white non-jews goyim and gentiles , which is slang for non-jew. Jews believe they are a race and will use blacks and whites to clear the way for them to end up being the supreme being. I;m not talking about your neighbor who is jewish or the kid in down the street. Real jews have an agenda and it is to destroy the white and black race by mixing it and making it like an imbred dog. Stupid and loyal. Then all the real jews who are against mixing with goyim and schwatrz will have their clean pure race of jews.

  9. Black and whites?

    Ophthalmology might help!

    Inferiority /supremacy fears?

    How to help people from whatever cultural limited community providing a false feeling of self worth and belonging through the participative projection on scapegoats?

  10. Otter says:

    You nailed it futiledemocracy, the author of this blog is an idiot.

  11. The author of this blog didn’t just suggest a global Jewish racial conspiracy.

  12. Otter says:


  13. Dictionary.com:
    1. A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
    2. The action of plotting or conspiring.

    Your first post:
    Jews believe they are a race and will use blacks and whites to clear the way for them to end up being the supreme being. I;m not talking about your neighbor who is jewish or the kid in down the street. Real jews have an agenda and it is to destroy the white and black race by mixing it and making it like an imbred dog. Stupid and loyal. Then all the real jews who are against mixing with goyim and schwatrz will have their clean pure race of jews.

    Let’s break your post down and apply the dictionary definition of “conspiracy” to it:
    “Jews believe they are a race and will use blacks and whites to clear the way for them to end up being the supreme being.” – Secret plan, to do something unlawfal or harmful. Yup.

    “destroy the white and black race by mixing it and making it like an imbred dog.” – Unlawful or harmful…. if only in your mind. Because i’m not sure I give a shit about interracial love. Why would Jewish people care if I fall in love with a girl who happens to have darker skin? How do they benefit from that plan? What table, in which part of the World, are a consortium of Jews sitting around, planning to send attractive African females to the whitest parts of England, for their evil plan to come together?

    “Real jews have an agenda” – The action of plotting or conspiring. Yup.

    You can take a “riiiight” sarcastic tone if you wish, but when you make ridiculous statements, and offer no logical evidence, other than the fact that you believe white and black people don’t get along very well (which in itself, is ridiculous) then I don’t think you’re in any position to be taking a superior tone.

  14. Would you please explain me what white or black people are?

  15. Otter says:

    Futiledemocracy. You did it. Now you understand that the jews have a conspiracy to control blacks and whites.
    See that wasn’t so hard.

    I thought you were saying I was conspiring which doesn’t apply. Thank you for “breaking it down”.

    @antuphon…are you asking me what white or black people are?

  16. Otter says:

    Oh and Futiledemocracy, I find it funny that my “sarcastic tone” upset you when you came out of the gate with “idiot”. Swell. Typical as well. When you can’t defend your arguement with logic…..well you certainly know the rest of that statement.

    Come on over and chat here:

  17. Did you just ignore the entire last post of mine, and just decide to read the “idiot” bit? There is absolutely no logic in anything you have said as of yet, so attacking me for illogical reasoning is weak at best. All you’ve done, is ensure we all know that you think there’s a global Jewish conspiracy against all of us. You didn’t answer any of my points, you didn’t back up any of your points, you just spewed some shit, and expected us to say “OMG YOU’RE RIGHT!!!”. Now you’re suggesting you didn’t even imply a conspiracy.

    Are you a parody?

  18. Otter says:

    I’m not attacking anything. You didn’t have any points. You simply posted the definition of conspiracy and applied it to bolster my point.

    I am saying in your attempt to label me as a conspiracy theorist, you actually applied the definition to the jews being engaged in a conspiracy.

    Anytime someone has a thought different from the trained masses they are labeled extreme or a conspiracy theorist. That is a defensive mechanism used by people all the time when they just simply dismiss an argument rather than logically or intelligently refute it.

  19. Yes, I ask you that!

  20. dutch matrix says:


  21. Otter says:

    Dutch that is a good point and a good way to look at it, but statistically speaking if you are murdered it will be at the hands of a black male. While death is not prejudice, black men are.

  22. Are you suggesting crime is linked to skin colour, rather than economic status?

  23. Otter says:

    I am suggesting that blacks are responsible for more crime and more crime against whites per capita than any other catagory of human.
    You can say it is due to economic status if that makes you feel better, but based on DOJ and FBI stats black males commit more crime per capita than any other race.

  24. Well if you disagree that it is social and economic, and you refer to skin colour, you must be suggesting that it is a biological trait, which you seem to connect to race, despite there being sufficient evidence to suggest there is no biological connection to race whatsoever.

  25. Otter says:

    Nah that is what you want me to say. I am not saying it is biological. I am saying it is a factual statistic that black skinned americans are more likely to commit crime and crime against white skinned americans. However you want to back into that fact is up to you.

  26. Otter says:

    By the way you are so very wrong that there is no biological connection to race. That has been proven time again, there is physiological differences among races. To ignore that is not fair to all the unique races.

  27. Your “fact” has no context. Which renders it simply a bit of an antagonistic, yet largely empty statement. And given how many white American presidents have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths across the World, I think your use of the word “crime” is a little ambiguous to say the very least.

    No, race is not biological. There are variations between people based on geography, but those variations are so small, they do not mean subsets of humanity exist in the same way that there are clearly different sects of dogs. People in warmer climates (i.e – Northern Australia) have more freckly skin than those living in Birmingham, England. That doesn’t mean freckly skinned people are now a new race.There is no isolated line within our species that has evolved in its own direction. Skin colour is a terrible way to identify variations also. Skin colour actually has nothing to do with race. For example, dark skinned people in Micronesia who need an organ transplant are far more likely to find a suitable donor in Europe, than in Africa or the East.
    Our concept of race grew with cultural differences based on education, systems of belief, agriculture and economics. In fact, if you read Tim Wise, he points out that our modern concept of race grew out of 17th Century colonial America.
    To argue that race is biological is to argue that we suddenly have a new species of homogenus roaming around, different to homosapien in the same was that homoerectus was different. Which, has absolutely never been proven.

    Race is sociological.

  28. Otter says:

    Freckly skin? That caused by the exposure to the sun and yes that too will effect say a black differntly than a white. That is a biological difference.

    I will re-visit this with a responce much later. I have to run. But the basic context would be in the US. Not sure how these rediculous overseas conflicts and the baffoonery of presidents ties into this disscusion.

    We don’t have a new species, we have sub-species. Like Lion is to Tiger, or red fire ant is to a black carpenter ant. Sorry you can’t hide these bold facts that there are sub-species to each species can you?

  29. So, ultimately you think black and white people differ like lions differ to tigers? That’s your premise, right?

  30. Otter says:

    You sure are trying to pigeon hole me. How about you make the case that tells me that blacks, whites, asians, indians, etc are all the same. IQ, physical traits, medical issues, etc….explain how there is no difference among the races.

  31. IQ? Seriously?|

    Alan R. Templeton, Ph.D., professor of biology in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis:
    “There is more and more hard genetic evidence that all of humanity has evolved as a single unit, with regional variations, but that’s all they are, slight variations, A race has to be a sharply defined, geographically circumscribed population that represents an isolated or nearly isolated lineage within the species. There’s nothing at all like that in humanity. In terms of the living world, it’s really hard to find a species so genetically homogeneous across its populations as humans”

    “Race is a real cultural, political and economic concept in society, but it is not a biological concept, and that unfortunately is what many people wrongfully consider to be the essence of race in humans — genetic differences, Evolutionary history is the key to understanding race, and new molecular biology techniques offer so much on recent evolutionary history. I wanted to bring some objectivity to the topic. This very objective analysis shows the outcome is not even a close call: There’s nothing even like a really distinct subdivision of humanity.”

    I would like to emphasis this line:
    “This very objective analysis shows the outcome is not even a close call: There’s nothing even like a really distinct subdivision of humanity.”
    …. because it seems to differ entirely with your apparently expert knowledge, when you wrote…..
    “By the way you are so very wrong that there is no biological connection to race. That has been proven time again”
    …. you both can’t be right.

    UNESCO life sciences paper on race:
    ” There is great genetic diversity within all human populations. Pure races in the sense of genetically homogeneous populations do not exist in the human species, nor is there evidence that they have ever existed in the past history of the human family. For centuries, scholars have sought comprehend patterns in nature by classifying living things
    The only living species in the human family, Homo sapiens, has become a highly diversified global array of populations. The geographic pattern of genetic variation within this array is complex, and presents no major discontinuity. Humanity cannot be classified into discrete geographic categories. Furthermore, the complexities of human history make it difficult to determine the position of certain groups in classifications. Multiplying sub-categories cannot correct the inadequacies of these classifications. Generally, the traits used to characterize a population either are independently inherited or show only varying degrees of association with one another within each population. Therefore, the combination of these traits in most individuals does not correspond to any typological racial characterizations. This fact renders untenable the idea of discrete races made up chiefly of typical representatives.”

    American Anthropological Association:
    “The concept of race is a social and cultural construction. . . . Race simply cannot be tested or proven scientifically,It is clear that human populations are not unambiguous, clearly demarcated, biologically distinct groups. The concept of ‘race’ has no validity . . . in the human species.”

    Now, if you want to provide your evidence against what the experts say, feel free….

    When I have a little more time, next week, I will send you the links to the research papers that are currently at the very top of biological evolution, to back up my point even more.

  32. Otter says:

    That just doesn’t make sense. Do you agree that the way someone looks is due to genetics and biology?
    How is it that in the US blacks are more susceptible to certain blood diseases than whites? I mean there are hosts of racial based illness that affect each race different. How would you explain that?

    How about the in depth look at intelligence and social behavior by Murray and Hermstein? With un biased research they noted Asians having higher IQ than Whites, and White having higher IQ than Blacks. The book the bell curve debunks the above theory from teh AAA.

    Let me ask you a question.
    Why are physical professional sports (football, basketball) predominantly comprised of black athletes? Is it fair to say blacks are better at basketball than whites?

  33. What a vacuous self esteem must it be to have only skin pigmentation difference as factor of self aggrandising attention seeking pride

  34. I have the impression I have been misunderstood.

  35. Otter says:

    No I understood you, but in your effort to show you were the smartest person in the room really showed your statement added no value to the dialog. I was being facetious.

  36. I would never consider challenging you in that position.

  37. Otter says:

    🙂 Your funny antiphonsgarden. I like you.

  38. James says:

    First of all not every black person in America was or is for integration or affirmative action, although if it weren’t for affirmative action many blacks would not have the jobs they have now. The common argument I always hear white ppl make is that a more qualified white person is being over looked in the process of hiring a minority, which by the way, truly shows their arrogance to first ASSUME the minority has to be under qualified or less qualified than the white person. Secondly in believing that high paying jobs should be reserved for whites only, for whatever reason, that would be absurd. I also want to address the debate on this thread about the identity of a “Jew”. Many will debate that there is no such thing as a “Jew”, look at the term jewish, which describes a person who is like unto the tribe of Juda, a Judean. A Judeans ethnic identity is Hebrew. Jesus who was a Judean would in fact take great offense at being called anything other than a Judean, Hebrew, or even a Nazarene. So how would a member of another tribe of Israel feel being called a Jew? Answer: very offended. The term Jew was began as a racially derogatory term, although it does not adequately describe any race at all. Similar to the term black, that actually began as a derogatory term towards ppl of African descent, meaning soiled, or filthy.

  39. Otter dear, if you like the humour of a French intellectual, there is hope for humanity!

  40. James,
    In all our human diversity, what do you mean by black or white people?
    You truly believe in qualification when it comes to having a job, these days?

  41. Racism, although problematic, serves a pragmatic and utilitarian function. We’re animals with bigger brains, and have the capacity to have certain thoughts when we perceive that we are not threatened. There is also some genetic coding, which ensures the survival of certain races of the human species, which we interpret as racism.

    Although this can not be proved empirically, strongly suspect that there are just as many racists, and just as many non -racists, percentage wise, as there have always been. It’s just that certain people feel free to express it or oppose it at different points in time in different places on the globe. We also suspect that many articulate that they are on one side of the debate or the other in public, but in reality are on the other side.

    The reality is that we will never really know.

    But there is something which we do know – namely that racism will always exist in some form or fashion as long as human animals exist on this globe. I personally hope that we would be guided, in Abraham Lincoln’s words, by the better angels of our nature.

    By the way, Lincoln’s view of race is very complex, and it is very difficult to pigeonhole.

  42. Otter says:

    Abe and Thomas Jefferson had interesting views on race. They knew it was wrong to have slaves but from what I can tell they also knew whites and blacks could not exist under the same rule.

    Your arguement is a good one but not good enough for the “anti-racist” folks.

    I agree with your description. The same holds true within races when it comes to men and woman.

  43. I guess some library’s in very backward areas don’t have a bookshelf with few basic books about psychology helping to understand the inferiority issues behind supremacy assumptions.

    Trying to put a varnish of cultivation over dehumanisation is pathetic.

  44. ravin says:

    well this is rude and i dont like it

  45. Well thank you for that gem of wisdom.

  46. Tom says:

    Racist exits for sure in Boardman, OH…Have you met any car salesman that is Asian??? NONE!
    You can buy car from them. They will gladly take your money but do not attempt to apply for work there. I have bought two cars from them.
    I sold car for over 20 years in California before moved to OH because housing is inexpensive and thought I can do what I have been done before that is selling car. But I was totally wrong as I could not get even a part time job at all these dealerships (Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Acura, Honda, Mazda, VW, Nissan, Kia, Hyndai, Toyota).

    In these area, they are owned by few groups (Sweeney, Preston) They advertised for new salesperson in local newspapers and internet regularly as in other areas of the country but once they saw that I am an Asian they denied the employment. Just sweet talk me that I can apply next time.

    Do they hire new salesperson regularly? Yes, they do as I met inexperience salesmen which has no experience and just got the job many times when I reapplied in the past two and a half years.
    Guess what? None of them are Asian.

    It is very sad that yes “racism” do exit even today in modern America.

  47. AW Wicker says:








  48. AW says:

    post the above comments, if you have enough nerve

  49. Dude, caps lock is not the enemy.

  50. xena says:

    Oh boy. I was an anthro major. I think I’ll leave you to sort out the weirdos, FD.

    I mean, I can understand that most laypeople couldn’t possibly make an articulate point about sickle cell anemia as the flipside of an immunity to malaria, but quoting Immanuel Kant’s outdated anthropology thesis and trying to pass it off as ‘new’ or relevant? Bah. Nevermind. Just nevermind.

    Yes racism in the US is real. I barely escaped a situation once that could have turned into a gangrape for me and a lynchmob for my friend, in the state of Pennsylvania of all places. The only thing that saved us was the fact that we were children and swore that we were both still virgins. He was 15 and I was 16. At least that’s what I tell myself. I still worry about what might have happened to him after I left. I’ve been meaning to look him up all these years. There was no romantic interest. I just want to see if he’s ok. It’s on my list of Things I Absolutely Must Do Before I Die. It’s in the top 3, actually. Make sure childhood friend did not get strung up, dismembered, then barbecued. :’-(

  51. haven anderson says:

    fuck all of yall racist ass

  52. build own solar panel…

    […]Racism in America: Today « Futile Democracy[…]…

  53. alien says:

    whats wrong with that lady why would she put up a sign that says the zoo has africans like bitch dont do that

  54. Tee says:

    Since the time I could understand what was going on in society I tried looking for the reasons outside the obvious ones, here’s the deal with all of you people you whites are as fucked up as blacks are.From the beginning of time this was destined to be this way +,-,black,white if you ask me you should consider yourself lucky that all your ancestors did to have you perceived as the superior race worked, and it did,I won’t dispute that because it takes a fucked up minded group of people to have the history that you have and look at blacks as if we were always the problem.you can talk about everything under the sun that is wrong with blacks but because you have this false sense of your conservatism and that your race deserves to be reveled as some sort of god like image we’re the problem.Most of or I should say a lot of my people are to caught up in American society day to day survival to realize that we are and were somebody,that the REAL history of this planet has a large amount to do with this black skin that we have,that white or European people were taught the basics of society and so-called civilism by Africans and no you won’t agree of coarse you won’t.Now I don’t say these things to really down you because as I was trying to say a good job has been done on the blacks in this country.You won’t hear the argument from me that a lot of black people don’t have the intellectual mind compacity of a hermit crab but that is not my point at this time.Your ancestors got massive numbers of a people and made them work for free degraded them,killed them,hunted them,raped them when they wanted; things that are so unfathomable in our great American society today but blacks are the real problem.The problems that blacks have is that they are too stupid to realize that they are more than what bullshit you spew constantly and if they had some sense of pride beyond your exceptance then maybe the tide could be turned.America is just what you all want it to be built on slavery and blood,and sweat and lives of others greed and capitalism that makes this great democracy right!Give me a fucking break! You wish for me to believe that blacks are so inferior when you take the upper hand in our American history that makes America what it is today. We are in a large part uneducated and have no sense of who we are and were white people you have a large part in this what did you expect to happen generation after generation of your what we like to say bulldogging,meaning bullying.You are not so great it is the fact that we are so traumatized that as many of our ancestors as there was they didn’t fight your ancestors to the death for equal share of this so-called new land which wasn’t so knew because people were already here!Your dumb asses just didn’t know it.So of course this is your country and you are considered the intelligent ones and the wealthy ones if I was given free shit to start my family blood line I imagine my family would be just as wealthy.You talk about what you earned and immigrant whites talk about what they earned to me the shit was free without competition in a socalled free enterprise oh sure you got a few that slid through the cracks of oppressed America but it is clearly about the masses. Everyone isn’t the brighteist or the most smart but everyone did deserve a fair chance to work hard and grow their families into dignified people generation after generation without having a ton of bricks on their backs because the are simply a different people.So when you look at blacks today and say how fucked-up we are look at yourself and think of how fucked-up your people are still to this day just because you deemed blacks to be nothing,who made you all gods,no one you gave yourselves that title and being a god and calling yourselves one is two different things entirely.Racism in America is as American as apple pie and bbq in a land filled with hypocrites liars and cowards the land of the free the home of the brave,yeah right get the fuck outta here.This country is and will be what it has always been a crap shot sometimes you win sometimes you lose but make sure them niggas lose way more often than they win.BRAVO whites,good job catch you on the flipside……..

  55. ein Mensch says:

    Oy vey you whining kike.

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