Republican Round-up: Communist, terrorist plots, danger-tampons, and pro-life hypocrisy.

Soviet sex-ed, forced transvaginal probes, the ‘rabid radical homosexual agenda‘ and a smear campaign aimed at your opponent because she didn’t have an air conditioning system in her candidacy announcement video; all came together beautifully to form last week’s Republican Round-up. One may wonder if it is possible to get any more crazy Republican news this week. Perhaps last week was a fluke. A one off. As it goes, The Republican Party and its associates cannot go seven days without providing such priceless blogging material. Here are a few reasons from this past week, that the Republicans should never be allowed near a political office:

The Communist, Terrorist-aiding plot to reform immigration:
Ex-Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy, Frank Gaffney is a veteran of extreme, nonsensical, almost child-like Republican rhetoric. In 2003, he famously called on the military to destroy Al-Jazeera. Further, in 2009, he wrote in the Washington Times:

“President Obama on Friday reiterated for the umpteenth time his determination to develop a “new relationship” with the Muslim world. On this occasion, the audience were the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and the Philippines.
Unfortunately, it increasingly appears that, in so doing, he will be embracing the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood – an organization dedicated to promoting the theo-political-legal program authoritative Islam calls Shariah and that has the self-described mission of “destroying Western civilization from within.”

– Essentially telling America that their President, was sympathetic to Islamic extremism, and Shariah. In fact, not just sympathetic, but giving his Presidential blessing for a Islamic Theocratic coup. Gaffney was displaying his penchant for anti-Obama conspiracy, prevalent on the extreme end of the Republican scale. By 2010, he was convinced that an Islamic Theocratic coup inside the Obama administration had finally taken place, right down to the President’s creative design team:

“…the newly-disclosed redesign of the Missile Defense Agency logo…. As Logan helpfully shows, the new MDA shield appears ominously to reflect a morphing of the Islamic crescent and star with the Obama campaign logo.”

– Gaffney wasn’t the only far-right loon to suggest a secretive Islamist takeover of the US government, by that well known Islamist underhanded tactic of designing logos. No. Our friends over at fair and balanced Fox also jumped on the bandwagon, helpfully misrepresenting the “symbol of Islam” by giving the Turkish flag a 180 degree turn, in order to make it fit with the suggested conspiracy:

– It’s funny that Frank Gaffney would even suggest a Presidential Administration appeasing Islamists. It’s not like he was ever part of an Administration that, according to the New York Times, provided:

“…critical battle planning assistance at a time when American intelligence knew that Iraqi commanders would employ chemical weapons in waging the decisive battles of the Iran-Iraq war”.

Or that the President that Gaffney worked for at the time worked with a CIA who helped fund and arm the Mujahadin fighters that eventually became the Taliban; the most ruthless Islamist regime in decades, whom the President sat down with for a cosy chat in the Oval Office. It’s not like that ever happened. From this, we can deduce that assisting violent Islamists is fine, but designing a logo that has a star on it; Islamist takeover of US government.

Onto this week. This week Gaffney went one further. Gaffney claimed that immigration reform was:

“…a product of decades of work by communists determined to consign the GOP to permanent minority status incapable of halting the further radical transformation of America.”

– Decades of work by shadowy communists will consign the GOP to history, rather than the GOPs anti-women, anti-gay rights, anti-immigrant, anti-anything that isn’t old, white, heterosexual, fundamentalist Christian rhetoric and policies. The Right tend to look outwardly to find reasons why they might be failing miserably, rather than inwardly, refusing to ever accept that they may be somewhat responsible for their own woes.
Gaffney goes on to say that immigration reform will:

“…permit terrorists now here to put on the so-called path to citizenship.”

– The Obama Administration, according to Frank Gaffney, is a communist, terrorist, Shariah embracing administration taken over by Islamists.

Tampons; more dangerous than guns.
At committee meetings, when voting, at constituency meetings, Texas legislators have been carrying concealed guns at the Capitol for years. But it isn’t guns Republican Texans are worried about. Whilst the GOP in Texas has spent the past few weeks fighting incessantly to control women, they have also ramped up security in to Senate public gallery in a rather ludicrous/typically Republican fashion. they are told to throw away their tampons, for security purposes, but they’re allowed to keep their guns. Texas Republicans believed women might throw tampons at them, after the vote to restrict women’s rights. But apparently, Texas Republicans don’t believe guns are a threat. To be fair to manic Christian Republicans, female hygiene products are a direct result of Eve disobeying the good Lord, and it’s only right that His representatives on Earth punish women at every possible opportunity; which they’re working tremendously well to achieve.

People in poverty need to have more poverty:
As noted in my article: Stand For Life…. as long as it hasn’t left the womb yet, Republican controlled States appear to be the worst for poverty. In it, I point out:

In Mississippi, child poverty rates are at a shocking 32%, one child or teenager is shot and killed every single week, and infant mortality is higher than anywhere in the country. This, as well as around 60,000 uninsured people living in Mississippi, and yet, Republicans in the State have decided to tackle all of these problems…….. by harshly regulating abortion inducing pills, whilst attempting to make it easier to carry a gun in public. Let’s also not forget that Mississippians still pay their tax dollars toward State murder, through the death penalty.
According to Gallup, in 2009, Mississippi was the most Christian State in America (Vermont is the least religious State, and also, has one of the lowest poverty rates. It is a Democrat State), whilst also being the worst State to raise a child for 24 years.

– So, in an effort to, well, push the most vulnerable into deeper poverty, the Republicans in the House separated food stamp program SNAP from the Farm Bill, in order for the Bill to pass. Traditionally the two are passed together, but with the split, the Republicans pathe the way for deep cuts to Food Stamps, prompting obert Greenstein of the Center For Budget and Policy Priorities to say:

“…would take the SNAP bill farther to the right and make bigger cuts. I worry that it sets the program up for a ceaseless attack over time because it is unauthorized.”

– Ceaseless attacks, because the Farm Bill is locked until 2018, and so funding cannot be altered. SNAP though, is open to be constant cut proposals, like the budget plan proposed by Paul Ryan in which SNAP was subject to an eye watering $135 billion cut, meaning the end of much needed assistance for millions of the most vulnerable. The projected number of SNAP participants in 2019, and so hugely at risk from Paul Ryan’s proposal, in Mississippi (the worst state to raise a child, with child poverty already at 32%), totals around 559,000. This, despite CBPP analysis of the March 2012 reporting that SNAP kept 1.5 million from falling below half of the poverty line in 2011 than any other program.

When the Farm Bill was due to be voted on, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) shouted objection, to silence anyone accusing the GOP of hurting the most vulnerable people. Among them, Gohmert shouted down Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-IL) and Gohmert shouted down Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) as she said:

“Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks in strong opposition to the farm bill rule and the underlying bill because it will increase hunger in America,”

Apparently a 32% child poverty rate isn’t high enough for Republicans.

When babies aren’t babies; when they’re actually babies.
Texas State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R) of…

“In the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits where a woman can get cleaned out.”

… fame, and author of the anti-women bill in Texas, it turns out has a rather hypocritical record with being ‘pro-life’. In 2007, when asked why she tabled an amendment to an appropriations bill, requiring pregnant women to wait three months before receiving pre, and perinatal care from the Children’s Health Insurance Program, Laubenberg replied:

“But they’re not born yet.”

– According to Rep. Rafael Anchia (D), Laubenberg’s amendment would have kicked 95,000 children out of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Similarly, in 2009, Laubenberg went on to vote against a bill – bipartisan – to increase the number of children covered by CHIP, after it was found that around 1,000,000 children in Texas are uninsured. Laubenberg apparently wishes to make sure a child is born, but has absolutely no quarrel with an impoverished, uninsured child. So, restricting access to healthcare for the mother and fetus before birth, and then restricting access to, well, everything after the baby is born. The Republicans.

That is the state of the Republicans from July 6th, to July 13th 2013.
Another Republican round-up will be available next week, here on Futile Democracy.


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