Bad Day for Bigots IV: Miss Murca!!!

Right winged America entered a new round of hysteria and delusion last night, at the crowing of Nina Davuluri as Miss America 2013. Nina was born in Syracuse New York, is applying to Medical school, and wishes to become a doctor. What could right winged America possibly have to hate? Well, she has darker skin. That’s enough to send the right winged Twittersphere into meltdown:



– Make sure no one mentions to this guy, that the NFL has several foreign born players, and several Muslim players. It’ll ruin his entire life.



– I love the implication that the only two positions in America capable of progressing the entire nation, is the President, closely followed by Miss America.

– This is otherwise known as the Republican National Convention.




-Yes! Exactly! It’s rigged because someone white didn’t win, because, like, 9/11!


– Narrowing the acceptable field down, from white….. to white, with a gun. Brilliant. I bet Miss Kansas also recites the Pledge every morning. ‘MERCA!


– Famously, New York is in the Arabian peninsula.

I am certain we are one step away from Michelle Bachmann insisting that Miss America is now fully under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood. I am surprised that Louie Gohmert hasn’t yet claimed that Nina Davuluri is one of the “terrorist babies” he’s been warning us all about.

If we have learnt anything from this charade, it is that 9/11 was carried out by Indian women born in New York, of Hindu descent, and that India & Syracuse have, between 9/11 and today, moved to the Arabian peninsula. But all joking aside, there is such a plethora of unacceptable, regressive, and vicious rhetoric within those tweets, that it’s difficult to know where to start. The reference to a woman from India as being a terrorist. The reference that if you’re Muslim, you must be a terrorist. The reference that if you’re a Muslim, or Hindu of Indian, or Arab descent; whether you’re born in the US or not, you’re not considered American, and that your skin tone is still to be taken into consideration.

The question must be asked, because the implication is apparent in their disdain for the winner; do conservative Americans believe only white, Christian Americans are to be considered ‘American’?

The clear irony in suggesting that someone who is not of the same religion as you, cannot be considered ‘American’ and musn’t be afforded the same opportunities as you, is that it is the most unamerican, anti-secular, anti-constitutional principle possible.


2 Responses to Bad Day for Bigots IV: Miss Murca!!!

  1. john zande says:

    Damn, that’s a whole lot of nonsense.

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