A list of things Obamacare leads to…

A few months ago I wrote on the absurdities that conservatives tend to invoke when they’re losing an argument that they’ve staked their reputations on. Back then, it was gay marriage. The list of terrible, World ending catastrophes that same-sex marriage was going to inevitably lead to, according to conservatives, was extensive and staggering. But now they’ve moved on to a new subject. And so I thought I’d present a comprehensive list of the most outlandish and absurd suggestions that US conservatives have decided are the product of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act:

  • A Communist takeover of government and the end of the Catholic Church in the US. Here.
  • Following the path of Hitler (you know, the guy who killed 6,000,000 Jewish people in gas chambers, and tried to establish a “racially pure” empire) and Stalin. here.
  • Worse than Watergate. Here.
  • Worse thing since slavery. Here.
  • Armageddon. Here.
  • President Obama killing a variety of old people. Here.
  • Kids having secret abortions at school ‘sex clinic’. Here.
  • The most dangerous piece of legislation EVER passed. Here.
  • President Obama starting a race war. Here.
  • The death of all prosperity. Here.
  • Mandatory microchips implanted into all Americans. Here.
  • The destruction of the institution of marriage. Here.
  • The work of Satan seeking to destroy freedom. Here.
  • Obamacare causes cancer. Here.
  • The reintroduction of Feudalism. Here
  • The Government murdering people based on how productive they are, and children with Down Syndrome being judged by a panel on whether he or she can live or die. Here.
  • Conservatives sent to concentration camps. Here.
  • The US becoming a leading outpost of an Islamic Caliphate. Here.
  • Health insurance companies going along with the Affordable Care Act, are no different to Jews boarding the trains to concentration camps. Here.
  • Systematic genocide. Here.
  • As destructive to personal liberty as runaway slaves being forced to go back to their masters. here.
  • A racist tax against white people. Here.
  • Worse than the Boston bombing. Here.
  • A gay man going to prison because he has no money, and is forced to play roulette, because of Obamacare. Here.
  • Schools preparing children to accept Death Panels. Here.

    Naturally none of them mention the exact part of the bill that lead to their outlandish claim.

    When I began this, I didn’t expect the list to be as long as it eventually turned out to be. We are apparently a generation that is gifted with access to information and fact on a level no previous generation has enjoyed. And yet, it seems that facts and reasoned debate are often drowned out by a deafening constant screech of absurdity that creates an atmosphere in which Michelle Bachmann and Ted Cruz are trusted with political power. They represent nothing more than a comprehensive failure of education and access to accurate information in order to form rational and well rounded democratic decisions. What a waste of a wonderful gift.

  • 4 Responses to A list of things Obamacare leads to…

    1. Shire of York says:

      Completely frigging bonkers.

    2. Greg Reed says:

      Paranoid, delusional, obsessive, pathological…a clear indicator and proof that conservatism is a mental illness grounded in racial, religious, ethnic and sexist hatreds and bigotries.

    3. Regarding “death panels for Grandma”…..I am sure that the paid propaganda shills of the 1% had copies of the ACA in their grubby little mitts before the ink was dry on the paper. And they started searching and found this piece of gold: The ACA mandates that the government PAY THE FEE if a senior wants to talk to a doctor or lawyer about end-of-life issues like creating a living will.

      Pay dirt! Overnight, that became a MANDATE for SENIORS to meet with the GOVERNMENT to discuss ENDING THEIR LIVES. The classic half-truth-twisted-into-a-whole lie.

      And then Grassley, carefully prepped, I’m sure “wondered” if “Death panels for Grandma!” were next. And millions of chumps were thereby convinced that Obama intended to kill old people. I actually had one lady in Texas tell me that she’d read the actual ACA bill–all 1000+ pages of it–and “THAT’S IN THERE!” (She left before I could ask her for details on the concentration camps that the ACA was going to set up.)

      That’s how it works, folks. Take a nugget of truth, then twist, distort, add and omit.

    4. […] the Affordable Care Act has withstood five years of Republican misinformation and the most absurd end of World predictions (including the reintroduction of Feudalism, systematic genocide, and the US becoming an […]

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