The Tea Party: From Benghazi to Malaysia.

Since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared last week, non-stop rumour invention has taken over the broadcast media as well as social media, all of which appears to be based on conjecture. At the end of last week, The Daily Mail had decided the pilot is a key suspect, because he was wearing a tshirt they didn’t like. Twitter has played its own blame game. Pakistan has been blamed, a conspiracy involving Uyghur separatists has been suggested, a pilot angry at the jailing of his friend is to blame, Iranians are to blame, the Muslim Brotherhood is to blame. Indeed, not content with running media outlets that push vastly inaccurate information on a daily basis, Rupert Murdoch decided flight 370 had crashed, and those responsible are Muslims attacking China:

– It’s probably worth noting at this point that there is no evidence of a crash, and the Chinese insist there is no link between terrorism and any of the passengers on board.

After over a year spent abusing and exploiting the memory of the victims of the attack in Benghazi, propagating ill-thought out conspiracy to attempt to present any sort of substance to their feigned outrage; Tea Party conservatives have now decided the tragedy unfolding with MH370 is the perfect opportunity to attack the President:













– This last tweet points to an article that tries to suggest a White House cover up. It offers this, with the suggestion that any claim of a lack of evidence for terrorism:

“…is strikingly similar to the statements issued after the Benghazi attacks, the terrorist shooting at Fort Hood, and other suspicious and deadly events during Obama’s tenure.”

– It would seem to me that the White House as well as Beijing and Kuala Lumpur are best advised not to jump to conclusions like those offered by Murdoch above, when there is absolutely no evidence for drawing any detailed conclusion. There is no ‘cover up’. There is just not enough evidence to draw conclusions. It is unwise for the President of the United States to be publicly speculating and playing a game of conjecture. Also, Benghazi isn’t in the least big suspicious. Neither was Fort Hood. And it’s worth noting that the author of that article is Floyd Brown. Brown is the creator of “” noted for its massive misrepresentations and inconsistencies. The article offers absolutely no evidence or link between the White House and a conspiracy to cover up the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, but still ends with the odd insinuation that the two are intrinsically linked:

“Ultimately, our hearts go out to the families of the 227 passengers and the dozen crew members on board Flight 370. In the days and weeks ahead, the world will have more questions. Let’s hope that the Obama team will be honest with the public and not attempt to hide the facts as they have in the past.”

– It seems the argument is, if the President doesn’t play conjecture games, he’s hiding something. As if the President should be advised by infowars. The comments section of the article are equally as appalling:

– It is so predictable a response, it becomes easy to shake your head and roll your eyes and laugh it off. But there’s certainly a far more unnerving undertone to it all. Real human lives and tragic situations are increasingly exploited by these people, for the sake of grotesque political point scoring. It is gutter politics. This exploitation has lasted over a year with Benghazi, and it threatens to infect the aftermath of the tragedy with Malaysian Airlines Flight 350. This should not be a political football.

Meanwhile, the search for the missing flight continues, and it is another night of not knowing, and of despair for the families of those lost. I cannot imagine the horror they are currently going through. I am sure whatever our political persuasion, we wish for a swift and happy outcome to this awful situation.

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  1. Kavalkade Krew says:

    Do you have links to those tweets bychance?

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