Greenwald, Aslan, & Werleman: The Sam Harris Obsession.

It may sometimes seem as if I’m eternally irritated by dishonest Western illiberals who insist on their liberalism, and the glaring manipulations they often share. Whilst that eternal irritation may be true, I am thankful to them for providing me with endless material to blog. To give you an example, CJ Werleman recently wrote a long article for Middle East Eye – which I’ll cover in greater detail in the coming days – in which he interviews political commentator Cenk Uygur. One specific sentence stood out to me. When speaking on those of us who criticise the illiberal tactics and rhetoric of those like Werleman, Cenk says:

“They are rabid, man. Everyday they do it online. Everyday. They’re relentless.”

– Cenk echoes an earlier deeply held concern raised by Reza Aslan, when in February he wrote:

– Take that in for a second… Reza is worried that Sam Harris is obsessed with him, and that he and Greenwald simply don’t give Harris a second thought. Remember that as you read all the obsessive times Reza Aslan, Glenn Greenwald, and CJ Werleman have taken to social media, to remind us of how much they rabidly dislike Sam Harris:

Article about Sam Harris, by Reza Aslan.

And Greenwald:

Article about Sam Harris, by Glenn Greenwald.

And Werleman:

Article about Sam Harris, by CJ Werleman.

I guess “rabid” and “relentless” are words that only apply to those you’re endlessly trying to smear, misrepresent, or to silence, and never to you, regardless of how rabid and relentless you are.

5 Responses to Greenwald, Aslan, & Werleman: The Sam Harris Obsession.

  1. Are you implying that is illogical for me to argue that Aslan is being massively hypocritical?

  2. Darman says:

    Reza Aslan is so slimy, yet he gets away with it with this veneer of friendliness.

  3. David says:

    The most dishonest in the article are the rabid CJ, Reza and Greenwald. Whenever they’re caught in their lies, the double down. If not so sad it would be funny.

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