Caitlyn Jenner and the liberals embracing transphobia.

There’s an odd self-defeating narrative that my fellow liberals sometimes espouse. Whether attacking Muslims fighting Islamist narratives, or excusing anti-Semitism, it either seems to be getting worse, or I’m becoming more observant to it.

To be liberal is to champion the rights and the dignity of the individual to make choices free from group coercion. To be oneself, free from expectations & coercion of others is the very essence of liberalism. To be liberal is to consider the agency of the individual inherently a right, over the demands of a group, culture, religion which of course, have no inherent rights. It is the most fundamental principle of liberalism that liberals seems so confused with how to apply.

Take, for example, Caitlyn Jenner. Since coming out as transgender, liberals held her up as a pillar of strength. An inspiration to those struggling with their identity. She was not afraid to be herself, and we liked that. Indeed, individual identity and the freedom to express oneself according to our how we identify ourselves, because we know ourselves greater than others know us, is exactly the liberal proposition. Conservatives decided she was awful, an abomination, she angered the magic sky man invented in 1st Century Palestine that seems to confirm their deeply held prejudices. And a yet a strange flip occurred recently. Jenner – in perhaps a bigger show of individual strength than coming out as transgender – came out as a transgendered Republican Party supporter. Liberals everywhere lost the plot:


– It is deeply unsettling to me that fellow liberals are so quick to embrace bigotry, to be so transphobic, the moment transgendered women think differently to what is expected of them, from ‘liberals’. They have taken on her appearance only. They have decided exactly what thoughts Jenner ought to have, and that if she doesn’t conform to what is expected of her, she is a traitor, deserving of transphobic language. Indeed, some even imply that women in general who do not vote for Democrats, are traitors to women. They do not deal with her arguments (which are weak at best; she implies that Republicans handle the economy better, create jobs, defend the country to a greater degree than Democrats, small government, self-responsibility…. a simple argument that is easily refuted without having to resort to bigotry), they focus on her appearance and a group-mentality they think she should have embraced, thus depriving her of her right to be an individual, as if she the moment she came out as transgendered, her faculties of reason should be replaced by the thoughts of the group, and anything short of that, permits bigotry. It doesn’t. This isn’t liberalism.

Consider this; liberals accept that conservatives have had a detrimental affect on racial issues in the United States in current years. This is our political belief. I suspect Ben Carson disagrees. At that point, would liberals be so quick to start referring to Ben Carson using racist language, or would we focus on his arguments? Would be call him a traitor to his skin tone, or would be analyse his points and form a counter narrative? Is focusing on his skin-tone, rather than the content of his argument in itself not a form of white privilege, given that we with white skin are never expected to be a single voting block? Is the same not true here for Caitlyn Jenner?

5 Responses to Caitlyn Jenner and the liberals embracing transphobia.

  1. violetwisp says:

    There’s a lot of transphobia about at the moment and, like you say, from the oddest quarters where they should get the most support and understanding. Sad.

  2. Well, precisely. Misgender Caitlyn, and you misgender me. If to avoid cis-sexism I have to be a “good trans”, the requirements for “good trans” will just get more stringent until no-one can fulfil them. Others attacked her for her magazine cover. Well, that’s what celebs do- attack all celebs for perpetuating the beauty myth, not just the trans woman.

    If anyone thinks transphobia is OK against people they don’t like, none of us is safe from transphobia.

  3. In politics, I see you don’t have the Women’s Equality Party. Would you consider adding them?

  4. CalicoJack says:

    I think the harsh rhetoric directed at Caitlyn Jenner by liberals is more about the tone of our public discourse — harsh and getting coarser — than it is about adopting transphobic stances. They are hurling insults. The insult matters more than the words used. Whatever it is, as a liberal, it is disappointing. I’ve always thought we should be more self-aware than that.

    I write a blog that you might be interested called The Psy of Life: CalicoJack Explains Life & Everything Using Psychology & Snark ( Right now it is mostly focused on the US election, but I’ve analyzed psychopathic child murders and PC language hatred, too. However, it is snarky, sarcasticky, and profaney.

    There are a couple of posts that might interest you specifically:
    “Schema Your Head Off” ( is about the ways that schemata informs our decisions, reactions, expectations and how the transgender bathroom crisis has challenged the schemata of the conservative set.
    “Hate Begets Hate” ( uses prejudice norm theory to explain why transphobia and Trump’s hate-filled rhetoric makes people more tolerant of prejudicial behavior.

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