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  1. Gordon Ipock says:

    I saw this post from you on a Tea Baggers blog here in the US and thought it was so dead on:

    “I didn’t realise the original tea party movement was in favour of entirely deregulated free market Capitalism, ignorant of all its flaws, happy to keep subsidising major Corporations, ignorant of the fact that the Bush tax cuts didn’t work, and proud of the fact that Reagan raped his way through Latin America, totally silent when Bush invaded Iraq, but then apparently pissed off when sick and injured poor people are offered a bit of a better healthcare system to the absolutely abhorrent and de-humanised system currently in place, only to show their face again when the man with the dark skin became President.”

    It has brought me to your blog. Looks very interesting. I’ll have to spend some time here exploring and picking your brain.

    I spend a lot of time posting on Tea Party sites refuting much of their nonsense, but they all are intolerant of free speech and anything that does not support their views and so they quickly delete any posts that challenge their beliefs. This intolerance of free speech is something that bothers me about this crowd. The other thing that also bothers me is that they make up their own history and facts. They know little about history, government, philosophy or even religion in the broader sense. But this doesn’t stop them from making up history and whatever else they need to support their belief system. Actually, they don’t have an ideology. Their statements are too inconsistent for that. Basically the only core ideology I see is they are all for it if it benefits the rich and the powerful here in America. The final troubling thing about the Tea Party crowd is their herd mentality. They are perfect human material from which to build a fascist police state.

    Gordon Ipock
    Morganton, NC

  2. Bobby Brown says:

    Rape and malestation are under sexual immorality

  3. Dr. J. Steichen says:

    To summarize
    The Mormons are stupid therefore all religion is stupid, there is no god.
    Only problem is, there is a God. I am a child of God. I know this and I know I am not stupid. Nothing in my substantial scientific background tells me otherwise.
    Atheists lose the debates all the time. Atheists use a strong dose of faith In something or other to bridge the enormous gaps in science. Ugh…

  4. How do we lose the debates all the time? And i’m pretty sure it takes a greater leap of faith to get from a creator (transcending space/time – as far as we know, nothing can transcend space/time – but you’re the ‘scientist’), to a God that cares who we have sex with, listens to prayers, punishes us for not obeying him, like a celestial Saddam, and had to ‘sacrifice’ his son in order to absolve us of the sins that he created in the first place.
    An Atheist does not say that we believe a God doesn’t exist. We simply say that there has been no credible evidence to suggest he does exist. We do not look at the scientific gaps and fill it with our own fairy tales, like the religious do. There are things we don’t understand, but that in no way implies God.

  5. Paul Austin Murphy says:

    You may not remember this comment:

    “. Some need a good kick up the arse to instil some loyalty or pride in their country.”

    – No. It is simply that my idea of loyalty and pride to my Country is entirely at odds with the EDL’s. My sense of loyalty says that nazis do not represent me. My sense of loyalty says that we are all individuals, and that a bunch of thugs (I walked through Leicester city centre yesterday, to be greeted by a skin headed cunt wrapped in an England flag, drunk, and had just thrown his bottle at police. Am I to assume that they are the pride of England?) should not have a monopoly on what it means to be English. The EDL disgust me. My grandad who fought in WWII yesterday told me he felt sick knowing that the kind of sentiment he fought to get rid of, is coming back.
    There is nothing English about the EDL. We do not want a bunch of angry racist football hooligan thugs telling us what it means to be English.
    You are a disgrace.


    Why do you assume that every EDL is a ‘Nazi’? Some may be – but all of them?

    The interesting thing is that your response is not actually a response to the post itself. It was a post about the MDL – remember? What’s your position on them? After all, there are plenty of other places you can express your views on the EDL.

    It’s also interesting that you imply – rather than state – that you are a patriot – just not an EDL ‘Nazi’ patriot. Maybe? Hope Not Hate has sung that tune too. They have implied that they are against only “far right” or Nazi patriots – not your average patriot. But that’s a lie. They are Communists – even by their own admission. And as Communists they are against ALL forms of patriotism and nationalism – not just the EDL or Nazi version.

    Are you like these Hope Not Hate dismembers or are you REALLY a patriot rather than an “internationalist”? In fact your Google blog name is “futiledemocracy” – which sort of gives the game away!

    And now that I’ve seen your blog, your response did give the wrong impression. You are against ALL patriotisms too; not just the EDL.

    By the way, I don’t support the EDL anymore so you can’t use that ad hominem against me.

  6. Paul Austin Murphy says:

    Oh, it hardly helps the matter that you call yourself a “genius”. That’s just embarrassing.

  7. I am a supporter of liberal, secular democracy. I despise nationalism that bases itself on an imagined racial heritage and seeks to define a secular and democratic nation, by that imagined racial heritage and to make such a divisive concept, a key focus point within society, whilst working to tell the rest of us, what it means to be a certain Nationality. It is cancerous. In that sense, it has a hell of a lot in common with the religious extremism it claims to be against. I can decide for myself, without a bunch of Nationalists attempting to define a Nation for me. However I fully support the right of EDL members to speak up (as long as it doesn’t incite violence) to express their view, and to run for public office. I have never called myself “a Patriot”, You’ve just invented that. But, I do believe in values that have persisted in our Country for generatios, and I think those values worth defending. I express my love for liberal secular democrats whom paved the way for our generation. John Stuart Mill, on his wonderful commentary describing the emancipation of women. John Locke for his shunning of old Monarchical traditions on how power should be obtained and exercised. Thomas Paine on the rights of man. I oppose any ideology that undermine or seek to break down the walls of secular, liberal democracy; this means any ideology that seeks to either marginalise or disenfranchise a person or groups based on faith, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality.The MDL are a lot like the UAF; they claim to be anti-fascist. They aren’t. They are anti-nationalist. Which is fine, but to claim to oppose fascism, whilst keeping eerily silent when Islamic Fascism rears its ugly head, works only to undermine their apparent hatred of all things Fascist.. However, like the EDL, the MDL have a right to express their views also. Again, it is the secular tradition, and the common rights of all people regardless of race, or ethnicity that I value.

    It is of course, funny to me that you dismiss those you disagree with as “communists” (the entirety of Hope not Hate), whilst telling me I shouldn’t refer to the EDL as Nazis. This is of course another manipulation of the far-right. Anyone slightly left of Mussolini, is dismissed as communist.

    As for “futiledemocracy” that is a reference, not to democracy as a concept, but to the perverted platform it currently works upon; Corporate funding of candidates, very wealth lobbyists, Bishops in the Lords, and a Monarchy as head of State. Democracy, as a concept, when banded with liberal and secular values, is what I defend.

    Where on Earth did I ever refer to myself as a Genius?
    Also, please link me to where Hope not Hate have “by their own admission” called themselves Communists who hate all ‘Patriots’?

  8. Paul Austin Murphy says:

    The Political Idealist

    I am a young political genius and the creator and author of The Political Idealist.

  9. You do know that i’m not the author nor creator of the Political Idealist, right? Nor, in fact, do I think i’ve ever actually read that blog. So, try and get the right person next time.

  10. Paul Austin Murphy says:

    Fair enough. If that’s true, then I made a mistake. I followed the links… but, it seems, in the wrong direction. Sorry. So who is Political Idealist? … only joking.

  11. please read VIP says:

    must watch and hear video on youtube titled, “Christ testimony of the churches around the world.” most of revelation is happening in the spirit world. that’s why Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah and Lot. the abomination of desolation is happening in the spirit realm inside all these man made buildings set up for worship. the Christians and catholics, etc are not aware of what’s happening around them in these places, (churches -any four wall building representing God to gather believers of Christ). these churches around the world are all connected to “The Great City” Revelation 11, which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt and Mystery of iniquity. Church leaders around the world are searching of the earthly signs. this will not happen until the very last day and hour. God will not allow man to destroy the earth with nuclear bombs. read matthew 3:12 and Revelation 20:9. God sends his son to the earth with the fire behind him consuming all his enemies which are left from the resurrection of the dead and those that are alive. the body of Christ is gathered as the son of man appears at last sound of shofar, he is coming while the wheat are gathered and the tares are left as the chaff and earth is consumed by the fire of God.

  12. mohd anwer says:

    The Myth of the Unchanged Qur’an & Muhammad as a role model.
    Indeed a good article and i am very much convinced with it . though i born in Muslim family and thought that Islam is the only true religion as every Muslim believes and my mind was filled with the anger against the west. but now i am realizing that every religion is false .but i can’t say it in my society because they will never tolerate me .
    please keep writing on this issue .

  13. The fact that you live in a closed minded environment, yet have come to your own free thoughts and considerations, is testament to your strength of mind. Keep thinking, and rationalising.

  14. bob brown says:

    My name is bob brown, I was a jw for over 40 years.
    Suddenly, I was ordered to attend over 500 hours of back room
    meetings, I have been asking the watchtower for compensation for the abuse
    suffered after going back week after week after week, always for three hours each week.
    This went on for six months.
    Mean wile my wife and I married in 1985, had decided to change the names on some real estate titles, and we had done this two times before, and so my wife made an appointment with an attorney to prepare the paper work.
    The day came and we drove to Bakersfield California and bla, bla, bla, I signed the papers and we left. Why not, she had been my wife for years and years.
    I was unaware that she had lied to me and instead had the attorney prepare papers for legal separation, totally un know to me.
    Yes I was lied to and out smarted and tricked, to date, according to the state law, she would have owed me $180,000.00, so she beat me out of that, she conferred with her 4 daughters and a friend, so I didn’t have a chance.
    I know a lot if you want to talk to me. 530-628-1117
    All of the witnesses are our neighbors, we should love them as our selves, it’s the watchtower that is the turd in the tea cup, it doesn’t even need to be on earth.
    It’s important to know how the watchtower started, who Charles Taze Russell was, when he was arrested, and what for.
    At the end of the day you can conclude that the watchtower makes a ton of money. Who gets between 200 and 300 billion dollars, some one will.
    Remember Jones Town?

  15. daoud ahmady says:

  16. ptholome says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I am an English student and I want to ask you if you could make a recording of your texts and hold it at the end of the text.

    In fact, we are millions of people learning English all around the word by our own and with the help of people like you. So it would be very useful not only to read you but also to listen to you.

    And you could put and Donate button on your web, maybe people would have the possibility to help you to continue writing here.

    At least I will be very happy if I could have the possibility to improve my pronunciation listening the texts about ideas I agree with.

  17. The truth hurts says:

    You talk so much bullshit! You lefty twat, Tommy Robinson knew more about the world when he was 10! Grow up you sad little bald cunt

  18. Are you flirting with me?

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