Bad day for bigots

The Twittersphere is alive today, as it was last night, with the incoherent, fact-less ramblings of the bigots trying to grasp what happened to their crusade to turn America back sixty years. And we know why.
Obama wins the Presidency.
Tammy Baldwin is elected first openly gay Senator, for Wisconsin.
Gay marriage is legalised in Maine and Maryland by popular vote.
And recreational use of maurijuana is part legalised in Colorado and Washington State.
For liberal America, this has been a great day for progress.
It is, however, the worst nightmare for crackpot conservatives, whose bullshit amplifier; Fox News has spent the past four years referring to anyone slightly left of Hitler, as Communist, Marxist, Nazi, Muslim, anti-white, anti-American, Socialist, terrorist sympathisers in a seemingly ineffective attempt to scare people on a constant basis. Nevertheless, some people are hanging on to the bigotry that was dealt such a swift blow last night. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

– Hitler? Really? We are seriously suggesting President Obama….is similar…. to Adolf Hitler? REALLY?
As pointed out in an earlier article, it is incredibly easy to draw tenuous comparisons between any politician and Adolf Hitler. For example, the first thing Hitler did on coming to power, was to completely destroy all union power. Similarly, Mitt Romney pledged his total support for Ohio’s anti-union laws, he has also claimed that teachers unions ‘deaden’ student achievement. Clearly this means that Romney is a nazi who wants to kill 6,000,000 Jews and enslave the World. And by clearly, I mean…. not at all, because it’s massively fucking irrational.

Normally i’d ignore this, but I thought – perhaps naively – that I might engage one of these insane right wingers in order to try and figure out why Obama is basically Hitler. So I did. I asked why Obama is a ‘socialist’ or a ‘nazi’. The response? ….

– Oh, well that clears it up! Obama is like Hitler because Europe is too used to America being the backbone of our defence. How could I not have seen this before? Obamanazi!

The ramblings continued:

– His first comment is of course ludicrous. The point being, that taxing the wealthy is somehow punishment. The ignorance comes from the fact that this mentality basis itself on the idea that success, is entirely individual. It chooses to ignore the public schools that pay teachers next to nothing to produce an educated workforce, or the public funded roads that the successful use to transport, the police protecting their property. Tax is the price you pay for belonging to a civilised society. The most fundamental principle of which, is protection of the most vulnerable. It is not punishing success, it is helping to maintain the ladder for future generations to climb, rather than kicking it away so that people like Mitt Romney can afford a new yacht. Capitalism is by far the best method to allocate resources efficiently. But at its core, it is amoral. You regulate, and you tax, to prevent it from becoming immoral.
Onto the second point………Just like Hitler! Lying means he is just like Hitler. I cannot remember a time when a politician didn’t lie a little. Even before Hitler. There is quite obviously a different motive for someone to relate a politician they dislike, using a rather weak link, to Hitler. It is to perpetuate irrational fear. Nothing more. So I pointed out the massive inconsistencies in the Romney campaign rhetoric; which as pointed out in a previous article on here, is full of horrid little manipulations…… to which I was given the incredible reply:

– Yup. It is perfectly acceptable for a Presidential challenger to lie and manipulate, purely because he isn’t President yet. It is perfectly acceptable, apparently, for someone to manipulate you, to practically steal your democratic right to vote, on the basis of bullshit. That’s absolutely fine apparently, as long as he’s a contender.

He then finished his term as King of Bullshit Mountain, at about 1am British time, with this little gem:

– Naturally, a few hours after he posted this, I am smug.

A few other glorious tweets from the crazed American Right Wing:

– Right Winged American Patriotism. Swear allegiance to the Constitution and the democracy it so beautifully created….. unless things don’t go your way. And then, invoke the memory of slavery. Brilliant life choice.

– So, that’s half the American electorate who, according to Romney, are government dependent, and one girl who wants an abortion. Seems legit.

– Anti-homosexuality tweet from Christian fundamentalist group with very little support. Thankfully, there are very few anti-homosexuality tweets out there, when Tammy Baldwin had been pronounced the winner for the Wisconsin Senate seat. 99% of tweets were congratulatory, and supportive, hailing progress.

– God wanted you to vote Romney. Jesus is a massive fan of private health insurance.

– Okay…. Mein Fuhrer, suggests Hitler. Hitler was of course in control of a Party whose main goal was a State based on Nationalist principles built on the idea of a superior race. The economy was used to promote the image of the power of the State through the military. It was vehemently opposed to communism; a system based on the idea of total egalitarianism in which an economy reflects the necessity to disintegrate class structures, and has absolutely nothing to do with race, the military, the myth of the ‘Nation’ or anything else that a Nazi government desires. And yet, this crazed Right Winger merges the two polar opposite concepts, into one. And what’s the reason? Again, scare tactics. In reality, President Obama is can in no reasonable way be described as either a nazi, or a communist (even if Glenn Beck tells you differently).

– All true. Except…

  • Prime Minister, not President.
  • HE, is a SHE.
  • She is an Atheist.

    – So in fact, none of it is true. But a career at Fox News seems imminent for this young lady, whose ‘make-shit-up’ strategy fits their profile perfectly.
    Also, Australia has universal healthcare, no death penalty, evolution is taught in pretty much all schools, creationism is rejected, and compulsory voting. Sounds like an ideal country for right winged anti-universal healthcare, anti-atheism, creationist, death penalty supporting bat-shit crazy Republicans.

    So, Romney concedes defeat. Fox News concedes that Obama won fairly. Even Donald Trump isn’t questioning the outcome. Lawyers aren’t questioning the outcome. No one is seriously questioning the outcome. Because that would be ridiculous. Unless of course, you’re an overly dramatic Republican, in denial, in which case….

    – I don’t understand what God has to do with this? Are rational thinking people a threat? Let’s not forget that Jefferson was a Deist who did not believe in a personal God who intervenes in human affairs. Benjamin Franklin was an Atheist. And the Constitution and Declaration are specifically pro-enlightenment, and anti-religion in their content. The World is a much better place because of secularism and the ideals of the Englightenment.

    – What I have learnt from this entire election from social media, is that the more vehement right winged Americans; whilst acting Patriotic, are actually very very undemocratic, very despotic, and only like it when they have power or their poisonous and largely discredited ideas control everything. They cannot accept defeat. They threaten. They scare. Their rhetoric is baseless but full of fear. They have no concept of ‘socialism’. If they truly understood it, they would accept that no President can be regarded as ‘Socialist’ since the beginning of the Union. Probably closest, was Teddy Roosevelt. In fact, every 20th Century Republican pre-Reagan, would be considered ‘socialist’ by todays’ Right winged American standards. To associate universal healthcare with the sort of feared Socialist totalitarian dictatorships of old, is disingenuous and a manipulation of facts (the fact being, that every industrialised country with a nationalised health service, out performs the US private system by a huge margin on every important measure; child mortality, life expectancy, per capita cost). Obama is simply a conservative in the old Disraeli tradition. One Nation Conservatism. He is in no way a socialist. He is just not a free market fundamentalist that appears to have infected the Republican Party as of late.
    America, according to these people should always be ruled by overly religious, bigoted, free-market-fundamentalists….. nothing else is acceptable, and if America doesn’t vote in line with that, then they get angry, and threatening, and violent.

    I am happy and relieved that the majority of the American public, have voted to defeat such a venomous ideology. They have quite overwhelmingly voted for progress, for tolerance, for dignity and for the majority rather than the wealthy few. Something we in Britain seem to have chosen to ignore, in 2010.

    Four more years.

  • 32 Responses to Bad day for bigots

    1. Matt - Camilla's American says:

      Jamie, you are always so incredibly far left of me that I read you blog to keep myself grounded and from veering too far to the right. On this occasion we are aligned and it sickens me to see these comparisons being made. Well written, well said. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

    2. Cheer’s man. Much appreciated!

    3. Andy says:

      You kicked the shit out of this. Nicely done, sir.

    4. dessy22 says:

      Just have to take you to task on one point, the President is the Head of State in the USA, the Head of State of Australia is not the Prime Minister, it is actually the Queen – an even more embarrassing situation for a Republican

    5. Margaret Hines says:

      Wow, disgusted and disheartened by the racist rants of those right wing christian fundamentalists! Although how they call themselves Christians is beyond me?! ‘Whats so ever you do to the least of my brothers’

      How on earth can they compare Ombama to Hitler, they’re bloody mad! The UK is not perfect but I prefer our secular society to one that is dictated by right wing Christians. Although obviously the majority of level headed Americans got to the polling stations and exercised their right to vote for democracy!

    6. Great research. Amazes me how people seem quite happy to make idiots of themselves publicly, and to sprout racism then deny it as such. What is scary is that these people either have kids, or probably will. What sort of mind set are they instilling in these youngsters?

    7. Björn says:


    8. Arhu says:

      You had me all the way up to the final paragraph. The Tories are closer to the Democrats than the Republicans. The closest the UK has to the extreme right views the Republicans espouse is the BNP. The US doesn’t have an actual left wing to compare Labour to so you comparing them to the Democrats is a misrepresentation along the same lines as you’re blasting these twatterers for

    9. Tom says:

      Voting conservative was the closest hope toward fighting this undemocratic monster the EU.
      Labour have sold us all off to that monstrousity. What choice did we have? You cant apply Thatchers strong will history to the Conservatives always, and lets remind ourselves, Thatcher protected the democratic rights of the Falklanders. The article was great until the immature snipe at the Tories at the end. Hows three Jags Prescott doing these days? Or millionaire Blair? Income equality and social mobility fell massively whilst labour were in power.

    10. wow what a horrible misrepresentation of the facts, just shows u all the bigotry and hatred in this country comes from the left, not the conservatives, look at all the demonization of good Christian people like my mother and her anti-obama facebook posts. anyone can tell there was voting fraud from reading my blog.

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    12. Lev David says:

      Do we know which Hitler they’re referring to?

    13. Sam Johnson says:

      Here via @RichardDawkins, and while I agree with the vast majority of what you say, it seems to me there’s at least a bit of tension between the efficacy and low per capita cost (and so presumably efficiency) of nationalised health services and your assertion that capitalism is the most efficient system of resource allocation. Isn’t that a contradiction? Other than that I think I’d get behind the rest of your argument.

    14. Really well formed and articulated. I agree with almost all you have to say. I often see some of these peoples tweets and I am frightened by the number of them who think like this, and see nothing wrong with some of their comments. I also find the God references incredibly ignorant and childish. Even if there was a God, the fact that they claim to know who he would support in the American election is arrogant and pathetic religious controlling propaganda.
      I always try to be open- minded. I always try to consider the other side. So when I say their views scare me, I often think ‘well they claim that others views such as mine scare them’. I force myself to consider why, and at least research their argument and try to form a coherent opinion about it. I always come back to the same point, that they are ignorant. However the part that I believe that always acts in my favour here is that I DO the research. I am willing to listen and try to understand the other side. I am willing to except I could be wrong and I may be missing something. It is this attitude that I believe gives mine views, and many others like me, far more credibility than the opposition using the tactics employed in the tweets you presented.
      I try not to get to angry with these people, and it is VERY difficult. I try to remind myself that their views are not based on their own balanced research and independent thinking. These are people who live, learn and work in societies telling them what to think, not how to think.
      I fear I am rambling and going off topic now, so I will leave it at that, but once again, thank you sir for your efforts.

      Sam Jennings

    15. jolekkading says:

      Hmm … I see edumacation still isn’t strong in the good old US of A.
      ‘Would of’ …. erm, what the poor ignorant bastards probably meant to say was ‘would have’.

      I see American English is still years behind actual English, probably always will be.

      Damn fine article sir. If I was wearing a hat, I’d tip it in your direction.

    16. John says:

      Stupid is as stupid does.

    17. The problem with people with such points of view are that their minds are firmly closed. As you’ve elicited, they cannot be reasoned with without their responses becoming more inflammatory and illogical. Unfortunately, they will never change, remaining locked into hatred an fear. How miserable a life.

    18. klingklangman says:

      Godwins Law was hard at work over the last week or so. When I was a kid I thought the USA was great: Now it seems full of extreme fascists and racists that believe the world is only 6,000 years old, and that the Human species was created by a bearded man that lives in the sky. America is DOOMED, and not by Obama, but by IDIOTS!
      I think that some of these comments would probably embarrass the BNP, to be honest…..

    19. Very very enjoyable and shocking article. Totally agree with you. Its bizarre to see homophobic tweets attacking a result that put a man in the whitehouse that they compare to Hitler. Hang on a moment. What was Hitlers opinion of Homosexuals? Oh yes, thats right, he imprisoned them, tortured them, shot them, gassed them, Murdered them!!!! Right wing America is a dangerous place that could well be in the need of checking. Much like Ultranationalist factions in central Europe needed checking in the last century.
      Hopefully most of the hate filled tweets are being expressed by the non too insignificant portion of the American public that dont have passports. Definitely thankful for that barrier better known as the Atlantic Ocean….. From Ireland, Peace

    20. Jill says:

      Very well written piece. It makes me sad to live in a country with this much hatred and uneducated religious zealots. Keep up the enlightenment!

    21. Mike Fife says:

      Another reason not to visit the US. Half the country are loonies!

    22. […] that have actually signed the petition. Just to give you some perspective, my article titled Bad day for bigots has so far today received 11,327 views. The State of South Carolina’s petition for secession […]

    23. frank says:

      It’s a jump to refer to all Republicans in the manner you do using a select handful of Tweets from those who should in no way have a Twitter account. Also, the American electorate voted but I’d challenge your claim that it was “overwhelmingly” decisive; 60M vs. 57M is hardly a mandate – far less a margin than four years ago. As a conservative, I am disappointed with the outcome but, while generalizing about the social and religious makeup of a typical Republican, you don’t address points brought up during cycle to wit, the economy, job creation and the looming, ever-growing national debt. But, I understand you’ve got a following to keep happy so I’ll not cast stones. Oh, and please refrain from revisionist theory – equating today’s liberal to yesterday’s conservative is boring and disingenuous. Well written, though completely wrong – hmmm… I’ve been told that regarding my letters to the editor…

    24. blackwatertown says:

      There are a lot of angry crazies out there – but I’d imagine a lot of Romney voters would also distance themselves from such wacko extremism too. The voice of relative sanity does not belong to the Democrats.
      And while we’re on the subject of Hitler – that BBC programme – The Dark Charisma of Adolf hitler was interesting about his rise to power and ability to chime with concerns of the German people back then. It’s here if you can access the BBC iPlayer

    25. Okay let me address all of your points one by one.

      Referring to all Republicans in the manner I do.
      – I didn’t. I am certain there is a difference between moderate Republicans – actual conservatives – and the loony Glenn Beck brigade insistent that President Obama is a Marxist. Those who voted Romney, I put in between moderate Republican, and crack pot conservatives. Opposition to gay marriage is simply a religious thing; which I find massively irrational and a selective understanding of their Holy text. Belief in the Romney tax plan; ignorant of all evidence that deep austerity coupled with tax cuts for the very wealthy, doesn’t work, and certainly isn’t a “jobs creator”, and willingness to believe someone has a five point plan to create 12,000,000 jobs without him actually setting out exactly how that’s going to happen; slightly mad. But, I understand that some people need something to believe in regardless of the content (or in this case, lack thereof).

      Also, the American electorate voted but I’d challenge your claim that it was “overwhelmingly” decisive; 60M vs. 57M is hardly a mandate – far less a margin than four years ago.
      – I coupled the Obama victory with election of the first openly gay Senator, legalisation of maurijuana, and a couple of states legalising gay marriage. Whichever way you look at it; that’s a pretty shitty day for conservatives.

      You don’t address points brought up during cycle to wit, the economy, job creation and the looming, ever-growing national debt. But, I understand you’ve got a following to keep happy so I’ll not cast stones.
      – Not true. I simply didn’t address those points in this one entry. This entry was about showing the utter lunacy of the mad tea party sect of the Republicans. Whom, whether you like it or not, play a pivotal role in shaping how the rest of the Country/World views the Republican party. As racist, homophobic, and sexist. The fact that Rick Santorum got as far as he did, speaks volumes.
      Anyway, I absolutely do address my problems with Romney-economics here. I address what I believe have been Obama’s underestimated strengths here.
      I address failures in austerity economics, mainly in the UK here, and here.

      Oh, and please refrain from revisionist theory – equating today’s liberal to yesterday’s conservative is boring and disingenuous.
      – I cannot apologise enough for boring you. Given that my main goal as a blogger is to make sure conservatives aren’t bored, I feel like such a failure right now. In time, i’ll get past it.
      Secondly, I did not equate today’s liberal with yesterday’s conservative. My point was that yesterday’s conservative, on the Disraeli model, would absolutely be considered socialist by today’s conservative mantra of anything-slightly-left-of-Reagan-is-Marxist. Disraeli believed government could be used effectively to alleviate poverty, and to regulate strongly against the harmful extremities of capitalism. Obama is absolutely a one nation conservative. As one of our UK analysts quite rightly put it; America has two parties. A conservative party, and a very very conservative party. There are very few Western conservative parties hold the view that climate change is a myth, that a massive border should be in place between itself and the country below, that NO revenues should be raised to close the gap whilst increasing the defence budget AND cutting pretty much every great social program the country has, that universal healthcare is some sort of evil Stalinist plot, that gay couples are ‘unnatural’, that abortion should be banned in every state, and that unions should have very little to no power whatsoever. Those are strictly manic, reckless, radical manic nutjob right wingers. Not traditional one nation conservatives in the Disraeli tradition. I would place today’s Liberals far closer to the one nation conservatives of old, than the GOP currently are. And Liberals are certainly far closer to Disraeli than they are to Karl Marx.
      The GOP are not conservatives. They are far-right economically, and christian fundamentalist socially. Nothing else.

    26. MichaelEdits says:

      Uh oh. You’re using facts, reason, intelligence, and common sense. That’ll never fly.

    27. […] en   Het zal nog een lange strijd zijn voor aanvaarding van homoseksualiteit, die volgens mij ook […]

    28. Al says:

      The great thing about these tweets is that they expose the stupidity, ignorance, racism and religious nutbaggery rather than it just festering within particular communities, and the election was an occasion to bring it to the fore. I think it’s for the good in the long run and will lead to successive generations becoming more liberal and progressive. Nice article.

    29. […] had been re-elected. You can see the flurry of right winged bigotry from election night, right here. As for today, it seems there has been another outpouring of insane, bigoted, putrid right winged […]

    30. Vic Marquis says:

      What I find most troubling is that we spend trillions each year “educating” theses ignoramuses (ignorami?).

    31. […] ‘Bad Day for Bigots’ part I, click here. For Part II, click […]

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